Biology Chapter 24

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  1. What are the 4 major concerns regarding air pollution?
    1.Global Warming

    2.Destruction of the ozone layer

    3.Acid precipitation

    4.Smog production
  2. What do Greenhouse gases do?
    They trap heat from escaping the atmosphere and cause the atmosphere to heat up. (ex.Water vapor, Carbon dioxide, Methane)
  3. What is the Greenhouse effect?
    It's when the gases let sunlight through, but trap heat from radiating outward into space
  4. What is the greenhouse effect responsible for?
    Global warming
  5. Which 2 human activities increased the levels of Carbon Dioxide?

    2.Burning of fossil fuels
  6. What is ozone?
    In two different atmospheric locations

    Protective shield in the stratosphere, shields the Earth surface from UV ray lights
  7. What happened to the stratospheric ozone layer?
    Depleted by reaction with CFCs
  8. What's Earths distribution of water?
    Fresh Water: <1%

    Salt Water: 97%

    Glaciers/Polar Ice Caps: 2%
  9. Does industrial countries use 10 to 100 times more water than less industrialized countries?
  10. What did combined sewage overflow (CSO) create?
    Storm water combined with sewage
  11. What are the Human diseases spread by CSO-carried pathogens?
    1. Gastreoentrities

    2. Ear and eye infections

    3. Skin infections

    4. Respiratory infections
  12. Where are organic pollutants from?
    Sewage and industy
  13. What are inorganic pollutants?

    phosphate fertilizers

    sulfates from detergents
  14. What is desertification?
    Transformation of marginal land into near desert conditions, unsuitable for future agriculture
  15. What are renewable resources?
    Biomass fuels

    Hydroelectric power

    Wind farms

    solar energy

    geothermal energy
  16. What is biodiversity?
    species richness, the assortment of living organisms on earth

    represents the variety of all forms of life
  17. What causes overexploitation of natural resources?
    Farming and overfishing
  18. What activities cause exploitation of scarce forest resources?
    Logging and deforestation
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