Asthma Drugs

  1. _____________ is a combination of atrovent and albuterol. It is commonly used for COPD.
  2. This drug is a longer acting B2 agonist used for tx. asthma. I has a 45 minute onset, should not be used for tx of asthma attacks. Studies suggest that it may increase risk of asthma related death.
  3. Inhaled ________ act to inhibit influx of inflammatory cells, block synthesis of prostaglandins, and reduce formation of inflammatory cytokines.
  4. _________ (_______) is a newer drug given qd. It has a rapid onset compared with other steroids (12 hours vs. 3-4 days).
    Fluticazone (Flovent)
  5. ____________ (___________) is one of the earliest inhalation steroids. It has a short half life and must be given more frequently (qid). Fluticazone has pretty well taken over the market.
    Triamcinolone (Azmacort)
  6. ____________ (___________,___________) is a steroid anti-inflammatory.___________  is available as a DPI inhaler for adjunct use in asthma, as a nasal inhaler for allergies (________), and as a cream for skin conditions such as eczema.
    Mometasone (Nasonex nasal inhaler, Asmanex Twisthaler)Mometasone, Nasonex
  7. _______ is a long acting combination of _______ (steroid) and _________(β2 agonist) available as a DPI.
    Advair, Flovent, Serevent
  8. __________ is a new (and expensive!) combination of budesonide(steroid) and formoterol fumarate (long acting beta-2 agonist) .
  9. The most commonly prescribed antileukotriene agent ________ (_________)is which inhibits the synthesis of the specific leukotriene D4.
    montelukast (Singulair),
  10. _________ (_________) a blocker of leukotriene receptors, is also prescribed occasionally.
  11. ___________ (____________) is an adjunct prophylactic drug used when other drugs (beta-2 agonists and steroids) are not sufficient to control the asthma.
    Theophylline (Theo-Dur, Slo-Bid and others)
  12. ___________ is a relative of caffeine with a narrow therapeutic index. It is not active by inhalation; it must be taken orally.
  13. ___________ has serious drug interactions with erythromycin (an antibiotic) and hydrocortisone.
  14. ____________ is an ionic form of theophylline given IV for acute asthma attacks when the patient can’t inhale. It is also marketed as "Thigh High" for removing cellulite!
  15. _________ (_________) is used as a prophylactic treatment for asthma. It stabilizes the membrane of mast cells to prevent the release of histamine.
    Cromolyn sodium (Intal)
  16. _________ _________ is used in combination with albuterol. It requires qid inhalation for several weeks to reach optimal efficacy.
    Cromolyn sodium
  17. ______ sees greater use in the treatment of allergies as ________ and __________.
    Intal, Opticrom, Nasalcrom,
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