pe theory

  1. what are the three categories of benefits of physical activity?
    • -Physical
    • -Mental
    • -Social
  2. what are some mental benefits of physical activity?
    • -the feel good factor
    • -stress relief
    • increased self esteem
  3. what is a stress related illness?
    -a illness that has been caused by too much stress and can cause the mind to overthink things.
  4. what is an example of a stress related illness?
  5. what is physical challenge?
    -physical challenge is something that really pushes you outside of your comfort zone
  6. what is a social benefit of an active lifestyle?
    -friendship and social mixing
  7. what are any of the 16 main factors of influence into sport?
    • -family
    • -peers
    • -role models
    • -media
    • -fashion
    • -age
    • -gender
    • -disability
    • -race
    • -availability
    • -access
    • -time
    • -location
    • -socioeconomic factors
    • -health and wellbeing
  8. what are the 4 stages of the sports participation pyramid?
    • (in order from bottom to top)
    • -foundation
    • -participation
    • -performance
    • -elite
  9. what is the foundation stage in the sports participation pyramid?
    • -the introductory stage
    • -at the bottom of the pyramid
    • -the level that contains the most people
    • -people only have basic skills
  10. what are the three agensies in sport?
    • -sport England
    • -national governing bodies
    • -youth sport trust
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