Medical Logistics (CHAPTER 5)

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  1. In 1850 the United States Navy established the Naval Medical Supply Depot in Brooklyn, New York.
    True or False.
  2. (______) encompasses the acquisition, accounting, sustainment, and disposition of assets within the Department of the Navy.
  3. What division plans and directs operations necessary to physically receive and control incoming and outgoing supplies?
    Warehouse/Storeroom/Receipt Control
  4. What division is responsible for the inventory management aspect of the material held in the warehouse or purchased for direct issue to a customer. Receipt and issue documents are processed here.
    Stock Control
  5. Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Manual, NAVSUP P-485
    Is designed to institute standardized supply procedures and consists of how many Volumes?
    • Volume I
    • Volume II
    • Volume III
  6. What are the Volumes of NAVSUP P-485?
    • 1. Volume I : Naval Supply Procedures, AFLOAT
    • 2. Volume II: Naval Supply Procedures, SUPPLY APPENDICES
    • 3. Volume III: Naval Supply Procedures, ASHORE
  7. What is NAVMED P-5132?
    Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Equipment Management Manual
  8. What is the term when a government representative, lacking the authority to enter into a contract on behalf of the government, enters into an agreement with a vendor for goods and/or services.
    Unauthorized commitment
  9. What is the process in which an unauthorized commitment is reviewed by designated personnel?
  10. MaterialĀ in full, unbroken container available for future use is what?
    Bulk Stock
  11. What is the annual budget of an activity and is assigned by the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Fiscal Management Division, to major claimants?
    Operating Budget
  12. What includes all types of compressed gases and materials that present a fire hazard or are otherwise dangerous?
    Hazardous Material
  13. What does OSHA stand for? and what is it?
    • Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    • -establishes regulations regarding the rights of employees to know the potential dangers associated with hazardous chemicals in the workplace.
  14. What is a MSDS?
    Materiel Safety Data Sheets
  15. By law, chemical manufactures, suppliers, and distributors are required to supply MSDSs with their initial shipments of hazardous chemicals.
    True or False.
  16. What is DMLSS?
    Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support
  17. What is an AMAL?
    Authorized Medical Allowance List
  18. NAVMEDLOGCOM is responsible for developing, publishing, maintaining , and coordinating a comprehensive review of all AMAL's on at least an annual basis.
    True or False
  19. What is a ADAL?
    Authorized Dental Allowance List
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