Peri-op cardiac complication prophylaxis

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  1. beta blocker reduce _____, but increase _____
    • reduce the incident of cardiac events
    • increase the incidence of stroke and mortality (bradycardia, hypotension)
  2. what to use for peri-op cardiac complication proph
    • beta blocker IF person is already on one going into surgery (goal HR < 65)
    • high risk patient going into high or intermediate risk surgery
  3. definition of high CV risk patient
    • unstable coronary syndrome (acute or recent MI or unstable/severe angina)
    • significant arrhythmia
    • severe valvular disease
  4. definition of intermediate/high CV risk surgery
    intermediate: carotid endarterectomy, head & neck surgery, orthopedic surgery, prostate surgery

    high: aortic or other major vascular surgery
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Peri-op cardiac complication prophylaxis
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