Fire EPs (9.23)

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  1. Fire

    I N xx D p b p i n a, o t r f b c b d a f e c f t xx e w b l.
    If No. 2 DC primary bus power is not available, only the reserve fire bottle can be discharged and fire extinguishing capability for the #2 engine will be lost.
  2. 9.23.1
    Engine/Fuselage Fire on Ground

    1. EPCL(?) - O
    2. E E O h - P i a
    3. F E s - M / R a r
    4. E E S - P (o e)
    • 1. Engine Power Control levers - Off
    • 2. Eng Emer Off handle - Pull if applicable
    • 3. Fire EXTGH switch - Main/Reserve as required
    • 4. Emer Eng Shutdown - Perform (other engine)
  3. 9.23.2
    APU Compartment Fire.

    1. A f T h - P
    2. F e s - M / R a r.
    • 1. APU Fire T-Handle - Pull
    • 2. Fire Extgh Switch - Main/reserve as required
  4. 9.23.4
    Engine Fire in Flight
    V c f b e s o d e a

    1. E s e a
    2. E (A e) - O
    3. E E O h - P
    4. F E s - M/R a r
    5. L a s a p
    Visually confirm fire before engine shutdown or discharging extinguishing agent.

    • 1. Establish single engine airspeed
    • 2. EPCL (Affected engine) - Off
    • 3. ENG EMER OFF handle - Pull
    • 4. Fire Extgh switch - Main/Reserve as required
    • 5. Land as soon as possible
  5. 9.23.25
    Electrical Fire in Flight

    P t s o e p, c t e e.
    I a l c b m a, t a c m b i b s t o e e a p c b.
    1. B a G s - O
    2. L a s a p
    • Prior to shutting off electrical power, consider the essential equipment.
    • If a landing cannot be made asap, the affected circuit may be isolated by selectively turning off electrical equipment and pulling circuit breakers.

    • 1. Batt and Generators switches - Off
    • 2. Land as soon as possible.
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