American Era in the Philippines

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  1. american warship that was blown up in havana harbor
    U.S.S Maine
  2. instant hero
    commodore george dewey
  3. philippine brewer in 1890
    san miguel
  4. tried to supply manila with its supplies in spite of the blockade
  5. "You may fire when you are ready" he said
    george dewey
  6. earned a place in the philippine history during battle of manila bay
    captain charles gridley
  7. first president
    emilio aguinaldo
  8. us paid _______, to (it was filipino who really paid it)
    • $20 million,
    • vacate cuba
    • guam
    • Puerto rico
    • and philippines
  9. fell to the US army through mock battle
  10. In dec 10 the US and spain signed the?
    treaty of paris
  11. who renounced the treaty of paris
    e. Aguinaldo
  12. Declared benevolent Assimilation
    William Mckinley
  13. Apolinario was repalced by
    Pedro paterno
  14. Philippine commision led by
    Jacod schurman
  15. recognized american sovereignty,headed by pedro paterno
    federal party
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