Midphase Check

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  1. Red X
    aircraft is unsafe/unserviceable, GROUNDED

    Can be cleared by – authorized service personnel, two signoffs
  2. Red -
    overdue inspection (or unknown), NOT GROUNDED

    Can be cleared by – person who corrects defect
  3. Red /
    discrepancy exists, but NOT GROUDING

    Can be cleared by –person who corrects defect
  4. Black initial
    on top of red symbol to say it’s been corrected
  5. Purpose of an ER
    An ER certifies that the AC is safe for flight
  6. How long are ER valid?
    entire day unless AC status changes
  7. Who can sign off ER?
    Rated pilot in command or maintenance officers
  8. How long is a pre-flight inspection valid?
    48 hours or until the end of the day if flown
  9. How long is a tire pressure check good for?
    6 hrs, unless flown, then until end of day
  10. When should an overdue inspection be signed off?
    Daily/hourly, end of the day

    If overflown – 10%, need a write-up
  11. What do the fuel precheck valves do?
    • test automatic shutoff function to ensure that
    • the single point refueling will stop when it is full
  12. How many cords on main tires?
    No red cords at all
  13. How many cords on nose tire?
    Just checking to ensure tread
  14. What is chafing? How do you identify it?
    • Cords/wire in contact and rubbing. Fraying or
    • wear.
  15. What checklist is run prior to leaving the
    Before leaving aircraft checklist
  16. What does an FDR “maint” light indicate?
    GREEN FDR MAINT – IDARS memory 80% full, notify maint.
  17. FDR “fail” light?
    AMBER FDR FAIL – IDARS failed, notify maintenance
  18. Acceptable taxi speeds?
    5-7 knots congested, 15 knots uncongested
  19. Who has right of way taxiing?
    Departure AC
  20. Wingtip clearance with and without wing walker?
    25’ with wing walker, not less than 10’
  21. Taxi spacing during day/night?
    • Day: 75’ if staggered, 150’ if in line, 300’ at
    • night/icy
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