1. The lateral ventricles are located with in the ___________________
    Cerebral hemispheres
  2. The area of the cerebrum responsible for sensory & association is the ____________________
    Parietal area
  3. The sense of smell is conveyed by the _________________
    olfactory nreve
  4. A glioma spreads by means of _____________
    local invasion
  5. __________ brain tumors is seen more frequently in the adult
  6. ________________ brain tumors have the tendency to spread via the CSF
  7. Single dose stereotactic radiosurgery is most appropriate for ______________________
    solitary 2cm primary brain tumors
  8. _______ is not a symptom of intracranial tumors
  9. The primary management modality for primary brain tumors is ___________
  10. Uncontrolled diabetes, visual disturbances & sinus pressure are symptoms of ____________________
    pituitary adenomas
  11. A primary spinal cord tumor located in the __________ region may demonstrate by incontinence, impotence and radiating pain down the legs
  12. Facial pain could be associated with a primary CNS tumor near cranial nerve ____
  13. The TD 5/5 for the lens of the eye is __ to ___ GY
    5 to 10
  14. The TD 5/5 for the optic nerve or chiasm is ___ Gy
    50 Gy
  15. Local hair loss and erythema and the expected side effects from cranial radiation.
    Patients should be advised to
    use mild shampoo or water only for washing
  16. Symptoms of brain tumors commonly include dizziness, diplopia, and seizures.  Patients should be advised to
    come accompanied to each therapy session
  17. Involvement of cranial nerve ____ may manifest as dysphagia
  18. During primary brain tumor irradiation, dose to normal brain tissue should be kept below ___ GY
    60 Gy
  19. Note:
    Non-coplanar beam arrangements are useful in treating pituitary adenomas.  What is the advantage of this treatment strategy over traditional coplanar field arrangements?
    Non coplanar beam arrangements allow for smaller doses from each field with more conforming dose distribution than with treatment fields traversing a single plane and exposing normal tissues to higher total dose
  20. Note:

    Radiation therapy treatment fields often conform to primary brain tumors with about a 2cm margin.  Metastatic brain disease calls for whole brain radiation therapy. Explain
    Metastatic brain disease is usually mutli-focal.  Even if not demonstrated as multi-focal at the time of detection, it is accepted that there is microscopic disease throughout the brain.  Primary tumors are usually solitary and tend to grow radically from the primary location
  21. How do you calculate how many monitor units per degree?
    MU/Degree =
  22. field size, output, field size factor, attenuating facters (if any) average TAR/TMR & prescribed dose to tumor are required to calculate?
    monitor units
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