Expeditionary Medicine Administration (CHAPTER 2)

  1. All (what) occurrences are reported by the (Who) to the OOD for entry into the duty log or journal of the command?
    Important; Senior Medical Department Representative (SMDR)
  2. The SMDR can be (Who)?
    • 1. Senior Medical Officer
    • 2. Dental Officer
    • 3. Independent Duty Corpsman (IDC)
  3. Items that need to be reported to the OOD include (WHAT)?
    • 1. Severe injuries.
    • 2. Conditions that can AFFECT the health of the crew.
    • 3. Damage or loss of medical and dental equipment.
  4. What is SAMS and what does it stand for?
    Automated Medical System; is an administrative mangement tool that tracks the medical and dental readiness of Navy and Marine Corps operational units.
  5. What does "SNAP" stand for?
    "Shipboard Non-tactical Automatic Data Process"
  6. What is "MRRS", and what does it stand for?
    Medical Readiness Reporting System;is an administrative management tool that is used to track the medical and dental readiness of every active duty and reserve Sailor or Marine.
  7. The Sick Call Treatment Log is forwarded to the Commanding Officer(CO) (how often)?
    On a Daily Basis
  8. What is the COMANVSUFRORINST 6000.1 series? and what can be found in it?
    Shipboard Medical Procedures Manual;Battle Dressing Station (BDS)
  9. The purpose of the potable water log is to record the readings of (WHAT) or bromine levels and the (WHAT) examinations required on potable water aboard ship and in the field.
    • Daily residual chlorine;
    • Weekly bacteriological
  10. What is OPNAVINST 4790.4 series?
    Ships' Maintenance and Material Management (3-M) System
  11. What does "PMS" stand for and what is it for?
    Planned Maintenance System;PMS manual reflects the planned maintenance requirements for a particular work center (such as Medical or Dental)
  12. What are the two types of directives?
    Permanent and Temporary
  13. What is a Permanent Directive?
    Regulate administration, establish policy, delegate authority, and assign a mission function or task.
  14. What is a Temporary Directive?
    are normally issued as a notice to request comments or approval, and announce information such as a change of command or education and promotion opportunities.
  15. How long can a Notice remain in "EFFECT" for?
    No more than a year
  16. Change transmittals are numbered (how)?
  17. Change transmittals are filed in the (___) of the respective instruction with the most current change on (____)?
    Front; Top
  18. When is the Standard Naval Letter used?
    Used when corresponding with certain agencies of the United States Government.
  19. What is SECNAVINST 5216.5 series?
    Department of the Navy Correspondence Manual
  20. What is the SECNAVINST 5210.11 series?
    Department of the Navy Standard Subject Identification Codes
  21. The "process" of determining the correct subject group or name-title is called what?
  22. What is SECNAVINST 5210.8 series?
    Department of the Navy Records Management Program
  23. To accomplish the mission medical and dental personnel must (Do What) of planned operations and (What) any possible demands?
    Keep themselves informed; anticipate
  24. What does "PHA" stand for and what is it used for?
    Periodic Health Assessment;is used to review and correct any IMR defficiencies.
  25. For Dental Readiness, A service member who is (_____ or______) is considered worldwide deployable.
    Class 1 or 2
  26. For Dental Readiness, any member in (____or____) is considered non-deployable.
    Class 3 or 4
  27. To be considered deployable, the sevice member should NOT (what)?
    Be on limited duty or undergoing any type of Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) or Medical Evaluation Board (MEB).
  28. What is a BAS and it is comprised of (how many) medical officers and up to (how many) HMs?
    • Battalion Aid Station;
    • 2
    • 65
  29. The Primary mission of the medical battalion is to provide (what)?
    • 1. Casualty collection
    • 2. Emergency treatment
    • 3. Temporary hospitalization
    • 4. Specialized surgery
    • 5. Evacuation
  30. What is an "EMF" and it has up to (How many) beds?
    • Expeditionary Medical Facilities;
    • 500
  31. Fleet hospitals are designed to be used in operations greater than (how many) days?
  32. What does MTF stand for, and what does its internal organization consist of?
    (HINT:) Staff and Directorates
    • (Command Staff) CO, XO, and CMC
    • (5 Directorates)
    • 1. Nursing Services
    • 2. Medical Services
    • 3. Surgical Services
    • 4. Ancillary Services
    • 5. Administrative Services
  33. Medical support to the Naval Mobile Construction Battalions (NMCBs) is provided at (what level)?
    Battalion Level
  34. During contingency, disaster control, or mass casualty situations, NMCB dental personnel augment with the medical effort under the direction of the cognizant authority.
    TRUE or FALSE?
  35. Sailors are competent in their rate and have acquired additional general knowledge that enhances their understanding of war fighting, mission effectiveness, and command survivability.
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