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  1. Abstract
    In art the rendering of images and objects in a stylized or simplified way, so that though they remain recognizable, their formal or expressive aspects are emphasized.
  2. Content/Subject matter
    • The meaning of an image, beyond its overt subject matter; as opposed to form.
    • What is literally depicted.
  3. Convention
    A traditional, habitual or widely accepted method of representation.(something that we recognize that it happens)
  4. Ethnocentric
    Pertaining (applicable) to the imposition of the point of view of one culture upon the works and attitudes of another.
  5. Form
    the literal shape and mass of an object or figure. More generally, the materials used to make a work of art, the ways in which these materials are utilized in terms of the formal elements (line, light, color, etc) and the composition that results. Also is the overall structure of a work of art.
  6. Iconography
    The images and symbols conventionally associated with a given subject. An example of this is the images use to present the nativity at church. 
  7. Illusionistic
    Generally synonyms with representational art, but more specifically referring to an image so natural that it creates the illusion of being real.
  8. Naturalistic
    Generally synonymous with representational art, but more specifically meaning "like nature" descriptive of any work that resembles the natural world.
  9. Objective
    As opposed to subjective, free of personal feelings or emotions; hence; w/o bias.
  10. Representational art
    Any work of art that seeks to resemble the world of natural appearance
  11. Subjective
    As opposed to objective, full of personal emotions and feeling.
  12. Image Upload 1
    • Artist: Claude Monet. He belong in the group called Impressionists. 
    • Name of painting: Le pont de L'Europe, Gare Saint Lazare, 1877.
    • What was about? It was about industrialization.His painting captures the transformation of not only Paris, but modernity itself. Here is a portrait of the new modern world, for better or worse—both the promise of the railroad, of modern speed and industry, and the atmosphere of steam and smoke created in its wake.
  13. Image Upload 2
    • Artist name: Kane Kwei 
    • Name of painting:Teshi Tribe, Ghana Africa 
    • Explanation/notes It is utilitarian and have a static value (It has a use and purpose, but it also has a value).
    • -The subjects always alluding to their lifetime trades or status. 
    • -Artists make functional objects and structures more pleasurable and elevate them or imbue them with meaning.
  14. Image Upload 3
    • Artist: Renzo Piano 
    • Painting name: Jean Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center 1991-1998. 
    • Explanation: Green architecture. its dedicated to preserving and transmitting Kanak culture. Piano uses a new type of architecture. Used tradition material and technology. The buildings are self-sufficient.
  15. Image Upload 4
    • Artist: Pablo Picasso 
    • Painting's name: Seated Bather( La Baineuse) 1907
    • Gouache and Indian ink on paper. 
    • Content:  He transform the prostitutes face into African mask.  The painting is about the ambiguity of experience. Picasso broke all of the rules that the "artistically correct" learned at the art academies: he disposed of three-dimensional perspective, abandoned harmonious proportion, used distortion, and borrowed from the art of primitive cultures.
  16. Image Upload 5
    • Artist: Pablo Picasso
    • Art name: Seated Bather 1930
    • *Oil on canvas.  
    • Content: This is an abstracted painting. Picasso portrays his wife as a skeletal horror.He represented his relation to women as a sort of battlefield between attraction and repulsion. The style of painting is known as cubism and surrealism.
  17. Image Upload 6
    • Artist name: Pablo Picasso
    • Painting's name: Portrait of Gertrude Stein 1905-1906
    • Content: Stein sat for Picasso so many times (supposedly 90 sittings) that eventually he said that he could no longer see her face when he looked at her.Picasso painted Stein's mask-like face, which reflected his new interest in archaic Iberian sculpture that he had just seen in an exhibition at the Louvre.
  18. Image Upload 7
    • Artist name: Jasper Johns
    • Painting's name: Three Flags.1958
    • Encaustic on canvas. 
    • Content: As one gets closer to the flash it diminishes. The idea of looking and examine. This is a symbolic for United States. Responded according to the period of time: When the nation was obsessed with patriotism McCarthy anti-communism. Cold era. A representation for Freedom.
  19. Image Upload 8
    • Artist's name: Faith Ringgold 
    • Painting's name: God bless America 1964
    • Oil on canvas 
    • Content: Historical context the civil right movement. The American flags has been turned into a prison cell. The white woman behind the bars that has become a prisoner of her own bigotry.
  20. Image Upload 9
    • Artist's name: Dread Scott 
    • Paintings name: What is the proper way to display a US flag? 1988
    • *Installation
    • Content: The flag became a barrier to the freedom of expression.Korean War. A not stated question was expose the viewers had to choose which they revered more the flag or freedom of speech. Soldiers showed discontent which led to a battle that was solved at the Supreme court of the U.S.
  21. Image Upload 10
    • Artist name: Andy Warhol
    • Painting's name: Race riot 1963
    • *Acrylic and silkscreen 
    • Content: Civil Right movement 
    • color: red, white, and blue. Civil rights movement protest. The paint has 3 different colors that represent the colors in the US flag. The red represents the blood and violence. 
  22. Image Upload 11
    This is not a pipe.
    • Artist's name: Rebe Magritte
    • Painting's name: The treason of images 1929
    • Oil on canvas 
    • Content: It is a representation of a pipe. He wants the audience to question their reality. The style of this painting is surrealism.
  23. Image Upload 12
    • Artist's name: Lorna Simpson
    • Painting's name: She. 1992
    • Photographs
    • Content: It challenges constantly the relations between words and images. Simpson's state that Black women in the US are treated by society as if they are faceless-without identity, personality, or individuality. This photograph the author challenges gender stereotypes.
  24. Image Upload 13
    • Artist's name: Shirin Neshat. 
    • Painting's name: Rebellious silence, from the series Women of Allah. 1994
    • Gelatin silver print and ink. 
    • Content: The Chador, in this sense, is liberatin. It also expresses women;s solidarity with men in the rejection of western culture. symbolized by western dress. The painting has a triangle shape. 
  25. Image Upload 14
    • Artist name: Albert Bierstadt
    • Painting's name: The Rocky mountains Lander's peak
    • Oil on canvas
    • Content: Landscape. Different color pallets. This is an example of repersentational and from all appearances highly realistic.
  26. Sublime
    That which impresses the mind with a sense of grandeur and power, inspiring a sense of awe.
  27. Image Upload 15
    • Artist's name: Kazimir Malevich 
    • Painting's name: Black square
    • Oil on plaster
    • Content: The relation between the black square and the white ground behind it. He called his new art suprematism. A non-objective representation. This is a pure abstract painting, the artist's main theme being the internal movements of the personality.
  28. Image Upload 16
    • Artist name: Jan van Eyck 
    • Painting name: Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife
    • Oil on oak panel
    • Content: This is an iconography: the dog between them represented loyalty in the western culture, in this case the marital fidelity. Implied texture. The green color of her dress suggest her natural fertility. A single candle burning in the chandelier above the couple symbolizing the presence of Christ at the scene.
  29. Image Upload 17
    • Artist's name: Howling Wolf. Native American
    • Painting's name: Treaty signing at Medicine Creek Lodge. 
    • Ladger drawing, pencil, crayon and ink on paper. 
    • Content: He depicts the scene from above. Since Wolf was part of the culture, he did not see them as a threat. Also the people identity can be seen. More women are in the picture that in Taylor paint is. It helps us to tell more about the culture. John Taylor is an example of ethnocentric. The painting also suggests that in Native Americans society women are highly value. The space is also that Howling consider, looking it at in a bigger picture, how the decision on the meeting was going to affect the outside.
  30. Image Upload 18
    • Artist's name: Rober Mapplethrope 
    • Painting's name: Ajitto
    • Gelatin Silver print
    • Content: He died because aids. Mapplethrope art was consider by some obscene. This lead to controversy that lead to court Barrie and the arts center. The judge instead judge the whole collection, consider each piece. At the end the judge determine that each piece had an artistic value. This specific picture have a pentagon shape.
  31. Image Upload 19
    • Artist name: Chris Ofili
    • Painting's name: The holy Virgin Mary
    • Paper collage, oil paint, glitter, polyester, resin, map pins, and elephant dung on linen. 
    • Content: This painting did not represent the usual image of holy Virgin Mary. There was a lot of controversy with the painting, where cardinal  John O'Connor called the show an attack on religion itself. NY major Rudolph threatened to cut off museum's subsidy if they did not canceled. Denns Heiner a 72 year old Christian who was anger  smeared white paint across the work.
  32. Image Upload 20
    • Artist's name: Edouard Manet
    • Painting's name: Luncheon on the Grass 
    • Oil on canvas
    • Content: It was consider too modern. The woman in the background was consider to be too big. The idea of disproportional scale was being expose. A triangle shape in the painting. Napoleon created the salon des Refuses, where artist that their painting were rejected by the jury for the salon proper.  That lady who was picnicking naked with two totally clothed male companions was a woman of the time.
  33. Image Upload 21
    • Artist name: Marcel Duchamp 
    • Painting's name: Nude descending a staircase
    • Oil on canvas. 
    • Content: It has a diagonal figure.It depict motion. It was called "An explosion in a shingle factory."
  34. Image Upload 22
    • Artist's name: Maya Lin 
    • Painting's name: Vietnam Memorial, Washington D,C
    • Polished black
    • Content: Lin's work was rejected by the soldiers. It is the most visited monument. people said that the monument looked like a big black scar on earth. Lin put the names in chronological, rather than alphabetical order, to help individualize the names. The polished black granite reflects your own image back at you as if to say that your life is what theses names fought for.
  35. Image Upload 23
    • Artist's name: Richard Serra.
    • Painting's name: Titled Arc
    • Cor-ten steel 
    • Content: It was located in the Federal Plaza. "A scar in the plaza." Since people wanted the piece to be remove, Serrra file a case. Th sculpture was dismantled and its parts stored in Brooklyn warehouse. Serra felt that Americans were divided from their government and the arc divided the plaza in the same way.
  36. Image Upload 24
    • Artist and painting's name: Michelangelo David.
    • Copy of the original
    • Content: It was politically controversial. It symbolizes the people.  It represented David's triumph over the tyrant Goliath and was meant to symbolize republican Florence the city's freedom from foreign and papal domination and from the rule of the Medici family as well. When the sculpture was done it took 40 men four days to move in the 600 yr to the Piazza Della Signoria.
  37. Image Upload 25
    • Artist's name: Guillermo Gomez Pena and Roberto Sifuentes
    • Art's name: The Temple of Confessions
    • Content: It is an installation. Set a confessions where people can confess their fears, desires, and thoughts towards different cultures.
  38. Image Upload 26
    • Artist name: Alexander Calder
    • Painting's name: La Grand Vitesse
    • Content: Congress first funded the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). This art is in Grand Rapids, Michigan was the first piece commissioned by the program. It looked like a civic pride.
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