Chap 14 - Statutory Cond and Endorsement

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  1. Key points of "Prohibited Use by Insured/Others" Statutory Conditions
    • Insured shall not drive or operate while
    • 1. unless authorized/qualified to drive
    • 2. license is being suspended by court
    • 3. Under 16 or min age to accquire license
    • 4. Prohibited trade/transportation
    • 5. in any race or speed test
  2. When is the time to file notice and proof of Loss in Auto Policy Requirement ?
    Promptly in writing within 90 days after date of the loss.
  3. What is the period of time must insure advise Repair/Rebuild/Replace take place after Auto Proof of Loss ?
    7 days
  4. When must the payment be made by insurer from the date of Proof of Loss for both Auto and Property ?
    • 60 days for Auto
    • 60 days for Property unless contract says less
  5. When must the payment be made for Auto policies after the Appraisal took place ?
    15 days
  6. What is the difference between the SEF 20 - Loss of Use Endorsement and the "Loss of Use by Theft" in the Additional Agreement of the Policy
    Loss of use by THEFT - only applicable following a theft of the ENTIRE vehicle. Covers $25/day to maximum of $750. This reimbursement is limited occurs during 72 hours wait after the theft has been report

    SEF 20 - By any eligible perils. Coverage starts the day following the report of theft. Coverage starts immediately when the damage causes the auto cannot be operated under its own power.
  7. What are coverages for SEF 27 - Legal Liability for Damage to Non-owned Auto Endorsements
    • - Coverage is restricted to use in Canada and US only
    • - Must be a Private Passage Style Vehicle
    • - Payment is provided only when the insured is legally liable (not hail/fire)
    • - Vehicle is leased on short term basis.
  8. What does the SEF 44 - Family Protection Endorsement cover ? and what is the limit
    provides additional coverage in the vent tey are injured/killed by an uninsured or under-insured driver. 

    • Persons entitled to coverage¬†
    • - Named Insured + spouse in same HH
    • - Dependent relatives

    THe limit of this coverage is

    (Sect A - TPL limit by insured's policy) - (amount of liability insurance carried by at-fault driver)
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