Skull Pathology

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  1. what is Battle sign
    bruising behind the ears. Bleeding above mastoid process can indicate fracture in base of skull.
  2. What is Halo sign?
    Blood with halo of CSF
  3. what is linear fracture?
    Radiolucent line, close on each end.
  4. depression fracture?
  5. comminuted fracture?
    more than two segments. Lots of radiolucent lines.
  6. Diastatic fracture?
    A fracture across the suture
  7. blowout fracture?
    blowout in the floor of the orbit. Caused by direct blow. Punch in the maxilla
  8. basal fracture?
    Fracture of the base of the skull
  9. Contre-coup fracture?
    brain hit the front and back side
  10. Le Fort fracture?
    Bilateral, horizontal fracture of the maxilla "face off". Due to car accident, direct blow.
  11. Tripod fracture?
    It is a three parts fracture. Includes zygomatic arch, the orbit floor rim, and a dislocation of the frontozygomatic suture. (wear helmets, seat belt)
  12. what is mastoiditis?
    inflammation of the mastoid
  13. Osteomyelitis?
    Infection of bone marrow because of infection
  14. location of these tumors...
    • Acoustic neuroma------cranial number 9
    • Multiple myeloma------bone marrow
    • Osteoma----In the bone
    • Pituitary adenoma-------Pituitary gland
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