chapter 1.8

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  1. The Truman Administration did not pursue total victory in Korea because it wanted to:
    maintain U.S. defensive emphasis on Western Europe
  2. In the 1950s, the United States' involvement in Vietnam began as a cold war operation. Vietnam was essentially:
    a French battle
  3. The U.S. involvement in Vietnam began as a cold war operation. However, the post WWII policy of containment of communism prompted President Truman to intervene and on 3 August 1950, the first contingent of the U.S. Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) arrived in _______.
  4. By 1952, the United States supplied _______ of the cost of the French military effort in Vietnam even as it became apparent that the French were losing heart.
  5. In April 1953, the Viet Minh staged a major offensive, advancing into Laos and menacing Thailand. U.S. officials made the fateful decision on 31 January 1954 to dispatch 300 Airmen to service aircraft at Tourane and Do Son Airfield near Haiphong because:
    French air units were seriously undermanned
  6. As the Air Force presence in Viet Nam increased in the early 1960s, so did the need for support personnel. Priorities included:
    construction of airfields and barracks and intelligence gathering
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