CH 45 Endocrine system

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  1. Hormone
    a regulatory chemical secreted into the blood by an endocrine gland or an organ exhibiting endocrine function
  2. Neurohormone
    a chemical messenger secreted into the blood by a nerve.
  3. Paracrine
    regulatory molecules work without being transmitted by the blood. affect neighboring cells
  4. Pheromone
    communication messengers in the outside environment
  5. autocrine signaling
    the cell signals its self
  6. 3 chemical categories of Hormones
    • Peptides and proteins
    • amino acid derivative
    • steroids
  7. characteristics peptides and proteins and the amino acid derivative groups
    they are hydrophilic and must use surface receptors to communicate with cells
  8. steroids are _____ soluble and can readily _____ cell membranes.
    lipid ; cross
  9. lipophilic
    • nonpolar = fat soluble
    • steroid hormones and thyroid hormones
    • bind to intracellular receptors
  10. hydrophilic
    • polar= water-soluble
    • all other hormones
    • bind to extracellular receptors
  11. _______ regulation occurs in most organs
  12. growth factors definition and 4 examples
    • growth factors are proteins that promote growth and cell division in specific organs
    • Epidermal growth factor- skin
    • Nerve growth factor- neurons
    • Insulin-like growth factor-bone
    • cytokines- immune system
  13. nitric oxide
    a gas paracrine regulator that promotes vasodilation
  14. lipophilic hormones include the _______ hormones (derived from cholesterol) and the _____ hormones (tyrosine + iodine)
    steroid ; thyroid
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