chapter 1.5

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  1. In June 1948, when the Soviet Union closed off all surface access to the city of Berlin, rather than attempt to force the blockade on the ground, the allies instead:
    built a Luftbr├╝cke-an air bridge-into Berlin
  2. Who did the Air Force put in charge of planning and supervising the airlift into Berlin?
    Major General William Tunner
  3. During the Berlin Airlift, for how long was Berlin sustained by airpower alone?
    15 months
  4. Although airlift came of age during WWII, what was arguably airpower's single most decisive contribution to the Cold War?
    the Berlin airlift
  5. During the Berlin airlift, enlisted personnel served as cargo managers and loaders, air traffic controllers, communications specialists, and weather and navigation specialists. Of all the enlisted functions, perhaps the most critical to the success of the airlift was:
  6. The Americans demonstrated that Berlin could be supplied indefinitely by air. The Soviets' eventual capitulation and dismantling of the surface blockade represented one of the great Western victories of the Cold War and laid the foundation for _______.
    the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
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