NUR1010, chapter 16, trends in community based nursing

  1. Trends in healthcare
    • Knowledge explosion
    • Complementary therapies
    • Content related to cost containment
    • -> and shifting demographics with older population with more chronic illnesses
  2. The future of nursing care
    • Family larger role in administering complex treatment under distant medical supervision
    • need for skilled nurses for surveillance to identify clients conditions
    • Continuous improvement of care, continuous education, -> independent clinical judgment, appropriate referrals, detailed documentation to ensure payment, decreased specialization , cross-trained in a seamless environment, increase in practitioners, competent case managers and health educators, APN's advanced practiced nurses can directly bill with Medicare, most of them can prescribe medications
    • Underinsured or uninsured-> increased funding in community health centers, school-based health centers, nurse-managed health clinics
  3. Educational preparation and APN's
    • Wider range of responsibilities
    • Increased knowledge and skill because community based care demands a more proficient and autonomous practitioner,
    • High demand of nursing teachers,
  4. Cost containment
    • US health care system most expensive in the world 15% of gross national product
    • Ranks behind most other industrialized countries in virtually every measure of health
    • Health care as a part of a market driven economy, it is not a right

    Managed care-> focus on cost containment-> here to stay
  5. Technologic development
    • globalization-> practice across boarders, health care organizations can export expertise, sharing of information, collabortation
    • Maintain comprehensive health care databases
    • For disease management programs and clinical protocols, access of information around the clock, electronic personal health records
  6. Knowledge explosion
    • Human genome project-> pharmacogenomics (meds for specific genetic profiles)
    • Rapid development-> ethical questions arise
    • Rise in consumer demands and expectations
    • Information overwhelming, difficult to see what is up to date or outdated

    Information literate is an ongoing process
  7. Nursing implications
    • Health history from birth to death
    • Technology improves efficiency
    • Tracking o costs, instant interaction,
    • Online orders, self care becomes a social norm,
    • Must be informed about alternative therapies
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