Spanish Verbs A

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  1. I got two answers right

    acertar - to guess (correctly) (adivinar)
    acerté dos respuestas
  2. let’s see if we get it right this time

    acertar - to guess (correctly) (adivinar)
    A ver si acertamos esta vez
  3. I managed to find the exit

    acertar - to manage to
    acerté a encontrar la salida
  4. She is able to adapt to changing circumstances.

    Ella es capaz de adaptarse a las circunstancias cambiantes.
  5. I will go ahead and buy the tickets.

    adelantarse - to step forward, go ahead
    Me adelantaré a comprar las entradas.
  6. She got used to being without him.

    acostumbrarse - to get used to
    Se acostumbró a estar sin él.
  7. I got used to living close to work.

    acostumbrarse - to get used to
    Me acostumbré a vivir cerca del trabajo.
  8. He encouraged me to publish the book.

    animar - to encourage
    El me animó a publicar el libro
  9. That news encouraged us to think that ...

    animar - to encourage
    Esas noticias nos animaron a pensar que ...
  10. does anyone feel like coming with me?

    animarse - to feel like, to brighten up
    ¿alguien se anima a acompañarme?
  11. her face brightened up when she saw me

    animarse - to brighten up
    se le animó la cara al verme
  12. to learn something by heart

    aprender algo de memoria
  13. I learned to swim
    Aprendí a nadar
  14. she was quick to say that she knew nothing

    apresurarse - to hurry
    Ella se apresuró a decir que no sabía nada
  15. I hastened to suggest that...

    apresurarse - to hasten, hurry
    Me apresuré a sugerir que
  16. I don't want to risk it
    no quiero arriesgarme
  17. to dare to do something
    arriesgarse a hacer algo
  18. He did not attend the class
    No asistió a la clase
  19. to raise the flag
    asomar el pañuelo
  20. the sun began to come up
    el sol empezó a asomar
  21. his wallet was sticking out of his pants pocket
    le asomaba la cartera por el bolsillo del pantalón
  22. she opened the door and poked her head out
    abrió la puerta y asomó la cabeza
  23. I looked out of the window
    me asomé a la ventana
  24. the daffodils are beginning to come up now
    ya empiezan a asomar los narcisos
  25. to aspire to something
    aspirar a algo
  26. he aspires to become a minister
    aspira a (ser) ministro
  27. I wouldn't dare
    no me atrevería
  28. Don’t you dare say that!
    ¡No te atrevas a decir eso!
  29. He didn't dare to contradict me.
    El no se se atrevió a contradecirme.
  30. to dare, ventrue to do something
    aventurarse a hacer algo
  31. he helped me off the bus
    me ayudó a bajar del autobús
  32. He always helps her with her homework
    El siempre le ayuda con la tarea
  33. He risked his life to save his owner.
    Arriesgó la vida para salvar a su dueño
  34. I risk custody
    Arriesgo la custodia
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