1. implacable
    not capable of being appeased or significantly changed

    I am impacable in my decision to spend all my money on the watch.
  2. impunity
    immunity from punishment or penalty

    The puny criminal ratted out his partner since he was offered impunity from the judge.
  3. inchoate
    in an initial stage; not fully formed

    The project was still inchoate and far from completion.
  4. infelicitous
    unfortunate; inappropriate

    Synonyms: adverse, afflicted, awkward

    The feline's infelicitous behavior caused me to hate cats.
  5. insipid
    without taste or flavor; lacking in spirit; bland

    I do not like the insipid taste of rice cakes.
  6. loquacious
    extremely talkative

    Laquisha is always loquacious and annoying.
  7. malevolent
    having or showing often vicious ill will, spite, or hatred

    Synonyms: catty, pernicious, hostile

    Males can be very malevolent toward other males that hit on thier girlfriends.
  8. mendacity
    the condition of being untruthful; dishonesty

    Synonyms: deceit, deception

    I cannot stand the mendacity that cheating boyfriends have.
  9. meticulous
    characterized by extreme care and precision; attentive to detail

    A person must be very meticulous if they want a career in miniature house making.
  10. misanthrope
    one who hates all other humans

    He was labeled a misanthrope by his community after years of his constant distain and mistrust of everyone
  11. obdurate
    unyielding; hardhearted; intraceable

    Synonyms: stubborn, obstinate, perverse

    Bob was very obdurate about his decision to get hair plugs.
  12. obsequious
    exhibiting a fawning attentiveness; obediant; dutiful

    Synonyms: brownnosing, complacent, compliable, compliant

    The employee was being overly obsequious when she bought her boss a car for his birthday.
  13. occlude
    to obstruct or block

    The car accident occluded my route to work.
  14. opprobrium
    disgrace; contempt; scorn

    Synonyms: stigma, humiliation

    The opprobrium that the boy recieved was inappropriate since he was framed for opposing the rules.
  15. pedagogy
    the profession or principles of teaching or instructing

    Synonyms: education

    The there is no pedagogy on pedaling.
  16. pedantic
    overly concerned with the trivial details of learning or education; show-offish about one's knowledge

    Synonyms: abstruse, academic, bookish

    The pediafile was actually very pedantic in school which is why he was able to appeal to so many high school girls.
  17. penury
    poverty; destitution

    Synonyms: barrenness, dearth

    The penury displayed along the streets of the city made the wealthy man donate all of this pennies.
  18. pine
    to yearn intensely; to languish; to lose vigor

    Synonyms: ache, crave, desire

    The dog pined for his owner at the kennel and eventually pried his way out of the cage.
  19. pith
    the central or essential part

    Synonyms: center, corey, crux, embodiment, essence, soul

    The pith of any mammal is his heart.
  20. pithy
    precise and brief

    Synonyms:cogent, short-and-sweet, laconic

    I prefer pithy comments about politics.
  21. diatribe
    a harsh denunciation

    Synonyms: abuse, castigation

    Debbie was given a diatribe when she was told to go on a diet.
  22. exacerbate
    to make worse or more severe

    Emily exacerbated the pain by rubbing salt on the wound.
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