1. Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy)
    keep in mind that Italy left this grouping and joined the Allies once the War was underway; the Central Powers that fought on one side became Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey
  2. Triple Entente
    (Britain, France, Russia) aka the Allies
  3. Trench Warfare
    A form of tactic that was created during WWI. Soilders would build trenches and stay down there. This type of tactic was created due to the rise of new technology and modern warfare. The weapons were too powerful for one country to overcome another, thus prolonging the war and relying on trenches.
  4. Wilson´┐Żs Fourteen Points
    1st 5 to make world safe for democracy: end of secret treaties, freedom of the seas, removal of economic barriers to free trade, reduction of weapons, recognition of the rights of colonized peoples. Next 8 supported the rights of Europeans dominated by Germany or its allies to self determination. Final point is league of nations
  5. Sself-determination
    This term was introduced during Woodrow Wilson's speech in congress in 1918 in as part of his 14 Points for liberal democracy. It is based on the idea for people of a given nation or territory to determine their own political rights and territorial boundaries. It would give people control over how they would like to be governed without undue influence from any other country
  6. League of Nations
    new general association of nations to provide mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike
  7. Treaty of Versailles
    established the league of nations, intended to draw lines of power between Euro countries & to punish Germany, never ratified by US
  8. Treaty of Sevres
    1920 creation of a system of mandate in the Middle East (wanted their independence), Brits & French gain power and influence in the region (oil), contradicts the notion of Self-determination
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