1. The Axis Powers
    Japan, Germany, and Italy, along with their conquered territories, formed the Axis powers. In Europe WWII 1939-1945
  2. The Allied Powers
    • France and its empire; Great Britain, its empire, and its Commonwealth allies (such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand); the Soviet Union, China, and the United States and its allies in Latin America. WWII 1939-1945
    • Rome-Berlin Axis- Franco won the Spanish Civil war ringing Hitler and Mussolini closer, the axis powers were formed
  3. The Munich Conference Sept. 1938
    Britain France Italy and Germany a result of Germany annexed Austria and taking over the Sudeten land Neville Chamberlin proclaimed the necessity of peace in our times
  4. Peace in our times
    proclaimed by Neville Chamberlin at the Munich Conference
  5. Blitzkrieg
    WWII throughout Europe; German strategy to hit hard at each major foe one step at a time using full force of modern weaponry technology ruled the game; A full-scale attack that would debilitate the opposing side and give Germany time to re-establish military supplies; focus on small areas to attack, but put all power into those attacks in order to gain control
  6. The Holocaust = Hitler�s (final solution)
    Hitlers attempt to annihilate the Jews by isolate them in ghettos put them in concentration camps burn down the means of resistance starve them incinerate or shoot them or just dessert them
  7. The Atlantic Charter, Aug. 1941
    Britain and the US agreed to two central principles self determination of nations and the right to secure borders without fear of invasion
  8. Meeting of the Big Three at Potsdam (July-Aug. 1945)
    US (FDR) Britain ( Winston Churchill) Soviet Union (Joseph Stalin) the principle was established that where armies rested at the end of war would determine a new global restructuring
  9. The Truman Doctrine
    Calls for �containment� and results in the Marshall Plan and the formation of NATO; (block communist expansion anywhere in the world)
  10. The Warsaw Pact 1955
    a military alliance with Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, the USSR
  11. Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere
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