1. Aristocracy
    hereditary position; own the land
  2. Peasants
    work the land
  3. Bourgeoisie
    factory owners/new wealth; not hereditary; push for political power; wealth resulting from the reorganization of production
  4. Proletariat
    property less people; factory workers
  5. Family economy
    people worked in small settings which usually overlapped with households. Men and women worked together; jobs were differentiated by age and sex, as well as by training and skill. But some kind of work was expected of all family members (home WAS work)
  6. Family wage economy
    Home and work were separated as some household members now worked in mines or factories; the notion of separate spheres, or appropriate roles for men and women arose as a result (of separation of families)
  7. One Sex models
    held that sex differences between men and women were merely the reverse of one another in other words, men and women were not conceived as fundamentally different from one another. Women were still seen as inferior because they could not push-out the sex organs but if they were able to push out their organs they could become a man.
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