Old Testament Survey unit evaluation

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  1. Nahum’s message was directed to
  2. Habakkuk emphasized the themes of
    God’s judgment of sin in His time and living by faith.
  3. Zephaniah was a prophet to
  4. Zephaniah’s theme was
    the Day of the Lord
  5. Obadiah’s prophecy addressed the people of
  6. Jeremiah was a prophet to
  7. The book of Lamentations expresses grief over
    the fall of Judah and Jerusalem.
  8. Lamentations 3:22-23 reminds believers of God’s
    faithfulness and unfailing love.
  9. Ezekiel was
    both a prophet and a priest.
  10. Ezekiel 40-48 describes
    a new temple.
  11. To illustrate God’s bearing the sin of Israel, God had Ezekiel
    lay on his side for 390 consecutive days
  12. Daniel was deported to Babylon in
    605 BC
  13. In Daniel’s visions, Babylon is represented by the statue’s
    head of gold and the lion with wings.
  14. In Daniel’s visions, Greece is represented by the statue’s
    bronze belly and the leopard with four wings.
  15. Concerning eschatology, the Assemblies of God holds to
    a premillennial view.
  16. Haggai encouraged the people to rebuild
    the temple
  17. Haggai prophesied to encourage
    Zerubbabel and Joshua.
  18. According to Haggai, who would be “God’s signet ring”?
  19. Zechariah was born in
  20. Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem on a donkey was prophesied by
  21. The term God-breathed is referred to as
  22. The Old Testament people of God are known as
  23. A difference between the Old and New Testaments involves God’s
    provision of salvation
  24. The similarities of the Old and New Testaments are referred to as
  25. A passage of Scripture that was written with the intent to teach is
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