Other Cultures Followed in Egyptian Influence

  1. Cultures that practiced A type of Embalming:
    • Ethiopians
    • Gaunches
    • Babylonians, Persians & Syrians
    • Peruvians
    • North American Indians
  2. Ethiopians
    • used a form of body preservation similar to Egyptians
    • Embalming technique
    • but no record of why this type of preparation procedure was performed by them
  3. Ehiopian Embalming technique:
    • Evisceration
    • Desiccation-drying in the sun
  4. Gaunces
    aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands around B.C., during life each person wouldprepare a sepulcher from the skin of goats, which is used to encase their remains at death,embalmers were of both sexes, with each perfomring the embalming on resepctive sex(men & women embalmed women)
  5. Gaunches technique:
    • Evisceration
    • 1. abdominal incision for evisceration was made with a flint stone knife called a "Tacoma"
    • 2. Desiccation
  6. The mummies, which histoians consider perfect specimens, were called
  7. Technique of Preservations with Baylonians, Persians & Syrians;
    • by immersing the body in eathen jars, filled with honey & or wax
    • this protected the body from air & other elements, preventing decomposition
  8. Peruvians
    • information about the care of the dead comes as a result of the Spanish conquest of Peru in early 16th century
    • the climate of this area was the major factor involved in preservation
  9. Peruvian technique of body preparation for disposal:
    • 1. body placed in a squatting position, wit knees under the chin & the arms across the chest
    • 2. coins or small pieces of gold, silver or copper were placed in the mouth of the deceased
    • 3. body is wrapped in cloth of either cotton or wool, then bound by crude ropes
    • 4. the outside covering consisted of cotton paks surrounded by cocoa matting, to form parcel resembling a rope basket
  10. North American Indians
    • what we know is based on the writing of Beverly & his book "The History of Virginia"
    • no proof exisits of any claims that embalming was practiced
    • they were however, religious in the care of the dead (especially chiefs or rulers)
  11. North American Indians technique for preperations of the body:
    • 1.body is split down the back, then carefully skinned
    • 2.all meat would be picked from the bones leaving only sinews (tendons) attached to hold the skeleton together
    • 3.skin in the mean time is immersed in oils for presevation
    • 4. when fully dry, skin would be replace on the bones & spaces filled w/ fine sand.
  12. North American Indians methods of final disposition:
    • Earth Burial
    • or Tree Burial
  13. North American Indians Earth Burial:
    • * tribes refered to, as "Mound Builders" erected huge earthen mounds over their dead in much the same manner that Egyptians built mastabas & pyramids
    • * St. Louis, Missouri is known as the Mound City, because it's located on one of thse mounds
    • * buried w/ the remains of all the deceased possessed (horses, pets, furnishings, weapons, etc.)
  14. North American Indians Tree Burial:
    • prepared body would be placed on a platform erected in a tree or atop four tall poles
    • bodies were placed in the high positions in an attempt to keep predators from destroying it prematurely
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