Environmental Problems

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  1. What is Development?
    When wild lands are converted to farms, housing, roads, industry or business uses.
  2. What does Endangered mean?
    Plants or animals with so few individual survivors that the species could soon become extinct.
  3. Define Extinction:
    an animal or plant that has been removed from our world.
  4. What is Fertilizer?
    synthetic or natural chemical(s) added to soil to produce larger or more plant life.
  5. What is herbicide?
    a substance used to kill plants.
  6. What is inorganic?
    something that is made up of stuff that is not plant or animal.
  7. What is insecticide?
    a substance used to kill plants.
  8. What does introduced mean?
    to bring in for the first time (for example, to introduce a nonnative species into a new habitat).
  9. What is a Landfill?
    a developed site for disposing of solid waste (garbage) in the earth, sometimes referred to as a "trash dump".
  10. What does limiting factors refer to?
    • those things that can determine the life or death of an organism:
    • Is there enough:
    • Food
    • Water
    • Shelter
  11. What are Natural Resources?
    raw materials that are supplied by the earth.

    • Examples:
    • air
    • water
    • plants
    • animals
    • nutrients and minerals in the soil
  12. What are Non-renewable resources?
    nonliving materials such as rocks and minerals; materials which do not renew themselves and can't be replaced.

    • Examples:
    • Gold
    • Oil
    • Coal
  13. What is Pesticide?
    chemicals that are used to kill animals that are thought to be harmful to plants.
  14. What is Poaching?
    hunting illegally, not obeying the laws for hunting areas, the animals's gender, seasons, or take limits.
  15. What is Pollution?
    harmful substances that are put into the air, water or soil that makes it dirty or poisonous.
  16. What does Rare mean?
    plant or animal species that are not presently in danger of extinction, but are in low numbers.
  17. What does runoff mean?
    water that drains or flows off the surface of the land.
  18. What does threatened mean?
    a plant or animal species in danger of extinction because of decreasing numbers.
  19. What is Toxic?
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