Art History Test 1

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  1. 10 facts Image Upload 1
    1. Called the Women of Willendorf

    2. It was founded in the year 1908

    3. It's 4 3/8 inches tall

    4.This is from the paleolithic period

    5.It was carved out of limestone

    6. This sculpture emphasizes the reproductive qualities

    7. This is tinted out of red ocher

    8. This piece was made between the years 28,000-25,000 B.C.E.

    9. It cannot stand on it's own

    10. Said to be made as a fertility charm

    11. Can see this art piece at the National History museum in Vienna, Austria

    12. Has no face
  2. 10 Facts Image Upload 2
    1. Biggest drilift is 24 feet tall

    2. The biggest drilift supports a lental that is 13 feet long and 3 feet thick

    3. The biggest carzan block is 50 tons 

    4. The carzan blocks are not from that area and the closest ones would be 20 miles away

    5. Bluestones used in Stonehenge are from Wales

    6. This is called Stonehenge

    7. Stonehenge is in Wiltshire, England

    8. Stonehenge is a Neolithic artwork

    9. In Stonehenge, there are various trilifts in the structure

    10. The estimated age that this was created was 2400 BC
  3. 10 facts Image Upload 3
    1. This is a cave painting of a horse

    2. This horse painting is in the Lascaux cave

    3. The Lascaux cave was founded in the summer 1940

    4. The cave was opened to the public after WWII

    5. 2,000 images that are painted in the cave

    6. In 1963 the cave was closed off to the public because of the health hazards

    7. A replica was made of the Lascaux cave to 

    8. Of the 2,000 paintings in the cave 900 of them are animals

    9. The Lascaux cave is a Paleolithic cave

    10. The paintings in this cave are estimated to be 17,300 years old
  4. 10 facts Image Upload 4
    1. The oldest and biggest cave

    2. This is the Chauvet Cave.

    3. The cave was discovered in 1996

    4. It was made between the years 20,000-30,000 B.P

    5. A landslide sealed the cave a long time ago

    6. The walls of the cave were made out of limestone

    7. Cleaned off the walls before painting

    8. Used methods such as insizing in painting pictures

    9. Drew pictures to tell stories or to show animal interaction

    10. Drew animals with four legs to demonstrate movement in the paintings
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