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  1. Thermal burn
    clothes ignite from heat or flames produced by electrical sparks; usually severe and deep
  2. Chemical burn
    when chemicals contact the skin or are ingested
  3. Treatment of anthrax dead
    must be burned
  4. Precautions for anthrax
  5. Precautions for small pox
    extremely contagious; direct indirect or droplet precautions
  6. Acute radiation syndrome
    dose rather than the source is the determinant
  7. Post anthrax exposure
    hemorrhage, edema and necrosis by replication bacteria that release toxins
  8. When is small pox person contagious
    maculopapular rash
  9. Possible survival
    present with nausea and vomiting then have 24-48 hours latent period
  10. Improbable survival
    more than 800 rad of total body penetrating irradiation; acute onset of vomiting, bloody diarrhea and shock; if any neuro signs and symptoms, then a lethal dose of radiation has occurred
  11. What do you give for shock
    fluid replacement, LR, NS, meds, 3000 calories a day
  12. Vasoactive meds
    contractility of the heart (dopamine, dobutamine), reduce workload of heart (nitro), cause vasoconstriction to increase BP (norepi); dosages should be tapered and weaned
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