Ch 4 Article - Ethnic Diversity on Top Corporate Boards

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  1. What does human capital theory predict about minority groups on boards?
    They are likely to have high levels of education and relevant experience for their positions.
  2. How is social capital created?
    When individuals or organizations interact, for example in networks or relationships through which information, support and knowledge are communicated, facilitating instrumental action.
  3. What does social capital theory say about directors?
    They are expected to have connections to important resources of value to the company on whose board they sit.
  4. Some ethnic minority directors required what to get onto the board?
    Connections and social capital.
  5. Why do some companies have more ethnic minority directors than others?
    They have a global presence and use diversity in their board to attract more diverse customers as well.
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Ch 4 Article - Ethnic Diversity on Top Corporate Boards
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