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  1. Assays
    measure the level of a specific hormone in blood, indirect
  2. Urine test
    need to keep specimen in refrigerator or on ice; discard first urine and then timing starts after that
  3. Glucose testing
    testing function of the islet cells of the pancreas; indirect test
  4. HgbA1C
    blood glucose over 2-3 month period
  5. Stimulation test
    used for patients who may have an underactive endocrine gland; measured amounts of hormone are given to stimulate the target gland to maximum production
  6. Suppression test
    test used for pt who have an high levels of hormone
  7. Overnight dexamethasone suppression test
    used to detect Cushing’s
  8. MRI with contrast
    most sensitive method of imaging the pituitary
  9. CT scan
    pituitary, adrenals, ovaries and pancreas
  10. Ultrasound
    thyroid, parathyroid, ovaries and testes
  11. Bone density
    abnormal calcium levels (parathyroid)
  12. ERCP
    GB, biliary, liver and pancreas
  13. RAIU
    measures rate of iodine uptake by the thyroid; pt given tracer dose of radioactive iodine by swallowing cap or liquid; rate measured 6-24 hours after swallowing pill
  14. Iodine is less than normal dietary iodine intake and
    pt isn’t radioactive
  15. Fine needle biopsy of thyroid
    indicate the composition of thyroid nodule and used to determine if surgical intervention is needed
  16. ECG tachycardia in
  17. Trousseau’s sign
    inflate BP cuff past normal systolic for 3 minutes and see if there is carpal spasm; positive for hypocalcemia and hypomagnesemia
  18. Chvostek’s sign
    abnormal spasm of the facial muscles elicited by light taps on the facial nerve in pts who are hypocalcemic; xrays show increased bone density and calcification in the brain
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