Linux Advanced

  1. What is the command to search for a file?
  2. Format for searching
    grep nameyouaresearchingfor location
  3. Tell grep to ignore case
    -i e.g. grep -i name /etc/services
  4. Tell grep to search for something that doesn't contain something
    -v e.g. grep -v name /etc/services
  5. To make steps in a unix command you use what?
    Pipes |
  6. What command do you use to put things in an output file ?
    > as in "grep bash > myoutfile"
  7. Find the current directory
  8. display the contents of a file
    cat (e.g. cat myoutfile)
  9. Append to an existing file
    >> as in ls -la |grep bash >> myoutfile
  10. What command do you use to create an archive?
  11. How does tar get implemented?
    tar -cf tarfilename.tar filetobe archived
  12. flag of tar to create a file?
  13. tag of tar to view a file?
    -tvf as in tar -tvf cgi.tar
  14. Extract things from a tar file
    -xf as in tar -xf filelocation
  15. Create a zipped file
    gzip filename
  16. unzip a file
    gunzip filename
  17. find out the flags for a command
    man (command) q to exit
  18. tar command to extract a file
    tar -xvf
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