Test #3 Study Guide

  1. Advantages of Dynamic Allocation
    No wasted bandwidth = better dollar value, Crisper/clearer voice connection, faster internet because its not being channelized and segrigated from the full 1.544mbps T1 connection.
  2. Unified Messaging
    $10 per month per account. Each user on acct. will be able to rec their voicemail via .WAV attachment in their e-mail box.
  3. Integrated VM
    allows employees to retrieve voicemails from one box either using landline or mobile, or both. One voicemail.
  4. Two vendors that must be present at time of install
    LAN Vendor and Phone Vendor
  5. 4 Interfaces
    • Analog
    • PRI
    • SIPconnect
    • T1-CAS
  6. 3 Features of Secured Back-up
    • 1. Auto Backup (x3 times a day) Redundancy backs up in 3 locations and on your hard drive
    • 2. File sharing
    • 3. Whale Mail
  7. 60 Day Service Committment
    If the customer has a service related issue that Cbeyond cannot fix, the customer will be released from their contract within 60 days of contract start date.
  8. 5 forwarding features
    • 1. Call forward busy
    • 2. Call forward No Answer
    • 3. Call forward Universal
    • 4. RACF
    • 5. Schedule Call forward
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Test #3 Study Guide
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