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  1. Wundt
    used introspective and careful measurement
  2. structuralism
    "mental chemistry" and introspection
  3. Functionalism
    interested in how the mind aids survival
  4. Behaviorism
    studied stimuli and responses, conditioning
  5. gestalt
    against analysis; studied whole experiences
  6. Psychodynamic
    interested in unconscious causes of behavior
  7. Humanistic
    emphasizes self-actualization and personal growth
  8. Cognitive
    concerned with thinking, language, problem solving,
  9. Biopsychology
    relates behavior to the brain, physiology and genetics
  10. A psychotherapist working with a person from an ethnic group other than her own should be aware of how culteral relativity and ___ affect behavior.
    social norms
  11. psychology is built on inter-subjective observations, those can be verified by two or more independent observers.  Did structuralism meet this standard?
    No, each observer examined the contents of his or her own mind which no other person can observe
  12. construct a barnum statement/profile/horoscope (very general and can relate to many)
    you are afraid of being hurt. you are trying to find a balance between autonomy and closeness. you dont like being overly dependent. you want to be understood.
  13. ___ behaviors are operationally defined in terms of___ behavior
    covert, overt
  14. a psychologist does a study to see whether exercising increases sense of well being. in the study he will be testing an ___
    experimental hypothesis
  15. personality descriptions provided by pseudopsychologies are stated in general terms, which provide a little something for everybody. the fact is the basis of the ___
    Barnum effect
  16. Confirmation bias refers to graphologys accepted value for the detection of forgeries 
    (T or F)
  17. Most of psychology can rightfully be called common sense because psychologists prefer informal observation to systematic observation
    (T or F)
  18. All scientists are interested in controlling the phenomena they study
    (T or F)
    F  astronomy and archaeology do not
  19. common sense statements that contradict each other
    grass is always greener on the other side- theres no place like home

    too many cooks spoil the broth- two heads are better than one
  20. Question that relates directly to the goal of understanding behavior
    why does a blow to the head cause memory loss?
  21. The best psychological information is typically based on ___
    scientific observation
  22. Commonsense beliefs are often
    vague, inconsistent, based on limited observations
  23. Psychology is the ___ study of ___ and ___ processes
    scientific, overt(behavior) , covert (mental)
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