Alimentary Canal

  1. The junction of transverse and descending colon takes place at the ___________
    splenic flexure

    Anatomy review: junction of the transverse and descending colon is in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen anterior to the spleen
  2. The first portion of the small intestine which is about 25cm long, is the _______

    anatomy review:  The duodenum is the first section of the small bowel
  3. The most common histologic type for small bowel cancer is
  4. The curative treatment of choice for gastric carcinoma is ___________

    Surgery has the most promise for cure fro stomach cancers.  They show slow response to chemotherapy and radiation
  5. weight loss caused by physiological malabsorption of nutrients is _______
  6. vomiting blood is called _____________
  7. difficulty swallowing is ____________
  8. true or false

    Surgery is used more for tumors located in the upper third of the esophagus
  9. True or False

    The surgical procedure in which an incision is made through the abdominal wall to examine lymph nodes and establish disease extent is called an APR
    • False
    • The correct procedure is called an exploratory laparotomy.

    An abdominal perineal resection (APR) resects the rectum and anus and installs an anterior colostomy.
  10. Dietary factors associated with increased risk of gastric cancers are:

    Low consumption of fruits & vegetables

    High consumptions of salted & smoked foods
  11. Three field technique for treatment for treatment of the rectum are weighted 2:1:1
    Total prescribed dose is 50Gy
    The posterior field will contribution will be _____
    25 Gy
  12. A risk factor associated with colon cancer is
    a history of colon polyps
  13. Patients scheduled for radiation therapy to the upper esophagus will likely experience _________
  14. In an anal cancer case, and electron boost will be required for the superficial inguinal nodes determined to be approximately 5cm deep from the anterior surface.  The appropriate electron energy beam would be
    15 MeV
  15. To avoid excceding to dose limits of the kidneys the ___________ technique is often employed when treating the pancrease
  16. MAC stage A for colorectal cancer correlates to the TNM stage ____
  17. The esophagus is located __________ to the trachea
  18. An out pouching or weakening of the intestinal wall most commonly seen in the large intestine is ______________
  19. The longest segment of the normal human intestinal tract is the _______________
    small bowel
  20. What treatment field is this for:
    L5 to margin on tumor out beyond the pelvic inlet
    some small bowel
    common iliac lymph nodes
    internal & external iliac nodes and pelvic bone
  21. List some critical tissues in the rectal area
    • small bowel
    • bladder
    • bone marrow
  22. What is the optimal position for treating the rectum?
    • prone with or without a belly board
    • immobilize lower extremity and pelvis
  23. What is this the typical treatment field for?
    From S1 to margin of tumor
    wide enough to cover the inguinal nodes in the lower portion of the field.
    some small bowel
    Internal & external iliac & superficial inguinal nodes
  24. List 3 critical structures in the anal area
    • small bowel
    • bladder
    • bone marrow
  25. What treatment field  is this the optimal set up for?
    Supine for inguinal node boost
    Frog Leg to decrease inguinal folds
    Prone if no inguinal node boost
    Prone or lithotomy for E-boost to tumor
  26. the most common histologic type for cancer of the stomach is
    Adenocarcinoma (95%)
  27. The most common presenting symptoms of cancer of the stomach among the following is
    Vague Epigastric discomfort
  28. ____________ is a common complaint of patients with esophageal carcinoma
  29. Adenocarcinomas of the esophagus are more frequently found in the lower ______ of the esophagus
  30. What are the 3 most common sites of metastatsis of colon cancer ____, ____ & _____.
    Liver, Lung, & Peritoneum
  31. Radiation treatment fields for cancer of the ____ should include inguinal lymph nodes
  32. Intense desquamation may occur in the gluteal fold during radiation therapy to the lower pelvis. Patients should be advised to _______________________.
    gently pat the area dry after each toilet
  33. Patients receiving radiation therapy to the lower esophagus will likely experience________
  34. Intestinal tumors grow progressively through the layers of the intestines in the following order"
    • mucosa
    • submucosa
    • muscularis
    • serosa
  35. Which patient position helps reduce the volume of small bowel in the pelvis
  36. Which histologic type of small bowel cancer has the best prognosis?
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