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  1. Your guest is at the door. What do you say?
    Hello, come in!
  2. What do you say as he takes his coat off?
    Let me take your coat.
  3. What do you say when you’re in the living room?
    Please, sit down!
  4. You want him to feel relaxed in your house. What do you say?
    Make yourself at home.
  5. Part of the room is a bit untidy. What do you say?
    I’m sorry about the mess.
  6. How do you ask if your guest wants a drink?
    Can I get you something to drink?
  7. Ask if he wants a hot drink or something alcoholic.
    Would you like tea or coffee, or something stronger?
  8. How do you ask if he wants sugar in his coffee?
    Do you take sugar?
  9. What could you ask if he doesn’t want a hot drink or alcohol?
    Would you like a soft drink?
  10. You’re pouring him a drink and want to know how much he wants. What do you say?
    Say when.
  11. How do you ask if he wants to eat something?
    Can I get you anything to eat?
  12. He doesn’t, but you put some crisps on the table. What do you say?
    Have a crisp.
  13. A visitor is still there when it’s time for dinner. What do you ask her?
    Would you like to stay for dinner?
  14. At dinner, your guest asks if she can have some more potato. What do you say?
    Yes, of course. Help yourself.
  15. You have a lot more food. What do you ask when she’s finished eating?
    Would you like some more? There’s plenty.
  16. Your guest asks if he can use your phone. How do you say yes?
    Yes, of course. Go ahead.
  17. He asks if he can smoke. How do you say no politely?
    I’d rather you didn’t, actually.
  18. After a party, a guest thanks you for a lovely evening. What do you say?
    Thank you for coming.
  19. He’s driving and it’s raining. What do you say?
    Drive carefully!
  20. A friend is babysitting for the evening. How do you tell her to have tea or coffee if she wants?
    Help yourself to tea or coffee, won’t you!
  21. There’s a TV and lots of videos she can watch. What do you say?
    Feel free to watch the TV or a video.
  22. You come back very late. How do you say that your friend can sleep at your house?
    You’re welcome to stay the night, if you want.
  23. She stays and you show her the bed. How do you check that she won’t be too cold?
    Will you be warm enough?
  24. What do you say to her when she goes to bed?
    Goodnight! Sleep well!
  25. What do you ask her the next morning?
    Did you sleep well?
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