1. How do you suggest going for a drink with a couple of friends?
    Do you fancy a drink?
  2. Everyone has ordered a drink and you’d like to pay. What do you say?
    I’ll get these.
  3. You see some other friends. What do you ask before you sit down with them?
    Do you mind if we join you?
  4. You need a chair from another table. What do you ask the people sitting there?
    Is it alright if I take this chair?
  5. A friend has finished their drink. What do you ask?
    Can I get you another drink?
  6. How do you ask what they want?
    What can I get you?
  7. Someone asks for lager. What do you ask?
    A pint, or a half?
  8. There are a lot of people in front of the bar. What do you say as you move through them?
    Excuse me.
  9. The barman asks “Who’s next?” and it should be the man next to you. What do you say to him?
    I think you were first.
  10. You need 2 pints of lager and 2 cokes. What do you say?
    2 pints of lager and 2 cokes, please.
  11. One friend has just got a new job. What do you say as you all lift your glasses to drink?
    Cheers! Here’s to your new job!
  12. A friend asks you later if you’d like another drink. How do you say no?
    No, I’m alright thanks.
  13. Each person is taking a turn to buy everyone a drink. What do you say when it’s your turn?
    It’s my round. What’s everyone having?
  14. You’ve only got a £5 note. What do you ask a friend?
    Can you change a £5 note? I need some change for the phone.
  15. You’d like a meal. What do you ask the barman?
    Do you serve food?
  16. You try to buy some cigarettes from a machine, but nothing happens. What do you say to the barman?
    Excuse me, the cigarette machine isn’t working.
  17. You hear some people at the next table say they’re going to visit the town that you’re from. How could you start talking to them?
    Excuse me, I couldn’t help overhearing that you’re going to visit.
  18. You find an umbrella under your table. What do you say when you give it to the barman?
    Excuse me, I think someone’s left this behind.
  19. You leave your green scarf in the pub. What do you ask the barman when you go back?
    Excuse me, has anyone handed in a green scarf?
  20. You need to telephone someone. What do you ask?
    Is there a pay phone round here?
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