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  1. You can’t find the town centre in Cambridge. What do you ask someone?
    Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the town centre?
  2. How do you ask for the Tourist Information Centre?
    Excuse me, could you tell me where the Tourist Information Centre is?
  3. Someone asks you for directions. What do you say?
    I’m afraid I can’t help you. I’m a stranger here myself.
  4. You need a toilet. What do you ask someone?
    Excuse me, are there any public toilets near here?
  5. Someone asks you how long you’re staying. How do you say you’re on a day trip?
    I’m just here for the day.
  6. You decide to stay overnight but don’t want to spend too much. What do you ask at Tourist Information?
    Could you recommend a reasonably priced hotel or bed and breakfast?
  7. Ask the distance to the hotel.
    How far is it from here?
  8. Ask how to get there.
    Could you give me directions, please?
  9. The assistant asks if you’re in a car, but you’re walking. What do you say?
    No, I’m on foot.
  10. He tells you the address but you’d like it on a piece of paper. What do you ask?
    Could you write it down for me, please?
  11. How do you ask a travel agent about holidays in Wales?
    Could you give me some information about holidays in Wales, please?
  12. You’d like to know what to see there. What do you ask?
    What would you recommend me to visit?
  13. You visit a town and someone tells you about a beautiful church there. How do you ask if you can walk to it?
    Is it within walking distance?
  14. You need a bicycle. What do you ask at the bicycle shop?
    Do you have bicycles for hire?
  15. How do you ask if you can take photographs in a church?
    Is photography allowed in here?
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