music appreciation

  1. when were the middle ages?

    when were the renaissance?

    when was the baroque?


  2. who were the composers of the middle ages era?
    • malp
    • middle ages, leonin and perotin
  3. what were the forms of music in the middle ages?
    • mompc
    • mass, motet, organum, plainchant or chant
  4. what is mass?

    What is Eucharist?
    is central in the roman Catholic Church which is a ceremony that reaffirms in a symbolic way the connection between the believers and JESUS CHRIST through the reenactment of the Last Supper.

    Holy Communion.
  5. what is Chant?
    music sung in a Mass by priests or monks.
  6. what is motet?
    a combination of Gregorian chant and secular music that was sung in the courts, not churches.
  7. what are the various parts in the mass?
    kyrie, gloria, credo, sanctus, agnus dei
  8. what is orangum
    • is a form of polyphonic music created in the latter half of the medieval period.
    • uses multiple voices to accompany the cantus firmus, usually in parallel motion in fourths, fifths, and/or octaves.

    usually associated with chant
  9. what is kyrie?

    what is gloria?

    what is Credo?

    what is Sanctus?
    LORD have mercy.

    "Glory to GOD on high."

    "We believe in one GOD."
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