Chapter 16 Flight controls

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  1. What unit integrates the control systems, such as the Cyclic and collective into a common output?
    the Mixing unit
  2. What is the name of the trim system that influences all the movements of the flight control systems
    Force trim
  3. What two functions does the force trim have
    • 1 - Provides the pilot with a desired "neural" position
    • 2 - Provides an artificial feel
  4. When the Auto Pilot is engaged what trims units are operating
    the Auto-trim units
  5. What is the main purpose of the Cyclic
    The pilot uses the cyclic to adjust the rotor disc to produce thrust in a selected direction.
  6. What control is used to increase the pitch of all of the main rotor blades
    The collective  - it collectively changes the pitch on the main rotor blades
  7. What are the 2 main parts of the Mixing control system?
    • 1- The walking beam
    • 2- Mixing star
  8. When moving the flight controls what control needs to move to make the "Walking Beam" walk, and what does this change on the main rotors?
    The Collective causes the walking Beam to walk, providing equal inputs through to all the servo actuators. This causes the whole swashplate to move vertically, changing the pitch of all the blades together.
  9. When moving the flight controls what control needs to move to make the "Mixing Star" tilt, and what does this change on the main rotors?
    The Cyclic causes the Mixing star to tilt, providing different inputs to each of the servo actuators. This causes the tilting of the swashplate which changes the pitch of the blades. The walking beam will remain stationary
  10. What does the Anti Torque rotor pedals control and why are they used
    When the Anti Torque rotor pedals are moved the system changes the pitch of the tail rotor blades collectively. The tail rotors changes the amount of Yaw of the Aircraft
  11. What adjustment is in the anti torque pedals
    they can be moved forward and rearward - also the pilot seats can move forward and rearward.
  12. Describe the Servo control system WRT rotor flight controls
    The Servo control system comprises of the main rotor servo actuators and the tail rotor servo actuator. They are powered by the Flight control hydraulic systems.
  13. What is a Tandem type hydraulic actuator and where are they used in the A109
    Tandem type hydraulic actuators have 2 independent but interconnected units that can be operated together or individually. They are used to transmit collective and cyclic flight controls to the swash plate.
  14. Describe the tail rotor servo actuator and why its different to the other actuators in the A109
    Its a single hydraulic unit that is mounted inline with the direction of control movement = if the hydraulics fail the tail rotor can be moved manually.
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