Old Testament Survey

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  1. Canon is
    Recognizing scripture
  2. The biblical account of Adam and Eve reveals a tension between
    Mercy and judgement
  3. The Flood was
    God's judgement
  4. why do scholars think Moses was the author of the books he wrote?
    Moses wrote about himself as the writer
  5. Deuteronomy is about
    The Law and the history of God's people in the wilderness
  6. The writer of Deuteronomy was
  7. The story of Naomi (which means pleasant) and Ruth was about
    redeeming grace
  8. Abraham told these guys that Sarah was his sister.
    Pharaoh and Abimelech
  9. Abraham's 1/2 truths were
    spiritual weaknesses
  10. Abraham and Isaac story demonstrated
    Abraham's spiritual strength
  11. Favoritism in Jacob's family led to
    continuing problems in the lineage
  12. Abraham's son was Isaac, whose son was
  13. Jacob (son of Isaac) son was
    Joseph, who had the coat of many colors
  14. God prepared his people the Israelites to take Canaan at
    Mt. Sinai
  15. God took the Israelites out of Egypt and brought them to this place during the Exodus
    Mt. Sinai
  16. When a priest and a regular guy eat an offering together it is called a
    fellowship offering
  17. The ____ offering atoned for unintentional sin and restitution.
  18. Leviticus' theme is
  19. In Numbers the Israelites forfeited their inheritance at
  20. One purpose of the book of Joshua was
    God kept His promises to Abraham
  21. Joshua conquered Canaan using a
    divide and conquer technique
  22. Canaaites believed in Baal, whose parents were
    El and Asherah
  23. Judges emphasizes
    Israel's failures to conquer most of the land
  24. The last judge to rule Israel was
  25. First king of Israel was
  26. Judges lasted
    400 years
  27. 2 Samuel is about
    David's rule
  28. Israel's mines were mostly
    iron and copper
  29. David used this metal a lot
  30. Who confronted David about his sin
  31. David took Jerusalem from the
  32. David's son Solomon's reign was
    peaceful and prosperous
  33. Solomon's many wives was a
    disobedience to God
  34. During the Feast of Tabernacles
    was when Solomon dedicated the temple to God.
  35. The first King of the divided Kingdom; Isreal was
  36. The first king of the divided kingdom; Judah was
  37. Northern kingdom had ____ tribes
  38. Southern kingdom had ____ tribes
  39. There were 3 periods of the divided kingdom, they were
    60 years of war, 75 years of peace, and 75 years of war
  40. Assyria conquered the Northern Kingdom in
    722 b.c.
  41. The greatest King of the North was
    Jeroboam II
  42. Jephthah helped deliver Israel from
  43. The King who was only 8 when he started his reign, found the hidden scrolls and repented, then died at 39.
  44. Jeremiah was the prophet for, and made a lament over
  45. The prophet Jehoiada affected King
  46. Jehoshaphat's son was
  47. Jehoram (Jehoshaphat's son) married
  48. Jehoram (married to Athaliah) killed
    all his brothers but Joash had escaped.
  49. Who led Israel into worshipping Baal?
    Ahab and Jezebel
  50. Joash was how old when he became King?
    7 years old
  51. Joash, who at first was good, later helped to kill
    Zechariah the prophet
  52. The prophet Isaiah was ministering during this King's reign.
  53. There was a prophecy done by Isaiah 160 years before it happened, and it was...
    Cyrus allowed the Jews to return to Jeursalem
  54. There were 3 waves of the return to Jerusalem, the first waves was by
  55. There were 3 waves of the return to Jerusalem, the second wave was led by
  56. There were 3 waves of the return to Jerusalem, the third group was led by
  57. The most evil king who sacrificed children in the valley of Hinnom was
  58. The book of Esther took place between these waves of return
    Zerubbabel and Ezra, which were the 1st and 2nd wave
  59. Purim means
  60. The people of Esther were
    Xerxes, the king. Vashti the x-queen. Malachi, Ehter's uncle, and Haman was the bad guy.
  61. The old Hebrew canon was organized by
  62. Ezra helped to
    rebuild the Temple
  63. The temple rebuild and repair campaign was pushed forward by
  64. This King lit incense at the altar for God when he wasn't suppose to and got leprosy.
  65. The walls of Jerusalem was built in how many days?
  66. Who built the walls of Jerusalem?
  67. The last King of Judah was
    Zedekiah, who was the puppet king of Nebuchadnezzar
  68. Judah was in Babylon for
    70 years
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