South Pacific 1

  1. (Bali Ha'i)
    Whoop-whoop-whoop, Iron Belly.
    Iron belly” Cap Brackett and Com Harbison enters
    (Brackett and Harbison enter SR)

    Harbison: Here she is sir.
    • (Bracket walks slowly to Bloody Mary, glaring at her).
    • You are causing an economic revolution on this island.
    • These French planters can’t find a native to pick a coconut or milk a cow,
    • Because you’re paying them ten times as much to make these,
    • Ridiculous grass skirts.
  2. Bloody Mary: French planters stingy bastards.

    Billis: Sir! May I make a suggestion, sir?
    (Billis salutes)
    • (Returning salute)
    • Who are you?
  3. Billis: Billis sir! Luther Billis.
    The natives can go back to work on the farms.
    The demand for grass skirts can now be met by us Seabees.
    • Dressmakers!
    • (Starting to blow up)
    • Do you mean to tell me?
    • The Seabees of the United States Navy
    • are now a lot
    • (see Seabee walk past in a grass skirt) of…
  4. Billis: (Interrupting) If you don’t like it sir, we could drop it right her sir.
    Just say the word. Just pretend I never brought it up.
    Harbison: Luther Billis.
    Billis: Yes Sir?
    Harbison: Nothing, just making a mental note.
    I want to be sure not to forget your name.
    • (Brackett turns to Bloody Mary)
    • I want to see you pick up every scrap of this paraphernalia now!
    • And, for the last time,
    • Carry it way down there and
    • Off - Navy - Properly.
  5. Cable :( kicking down the stall) Come on everybody.
    Take all this stuff and throw it over that fence.
    Billis: All right-take it way down there. Off Navy property.
    Cable: You go to (to Bloody Mary)
    Bloody Mary: All right, lootellan. Thanks you.
    • (Bloody Mary leave and Beckett looks at Harbison as if to ask who Cable
    • is. Harbison shrugs his shoulders. Cable turns and exchanges salutes to Brackett)
    • Lieutenant, who are you anyway.
  6. Cable: I’m Lieutenant Joseph Cable, sir. I just flew in on that PBY.
    • Brackett:
    • A joy ride?
  7. Cable: No sir. Orders!
    • (Surprised)
    • A marine,
    • under orders to me?
  8. Cable; Yes sir!
    • Brackett:
    • I’m Captain Brackett.
  9. Cable: How do you do so?
    • This is Commander Harbison.
    • My Executive Officer.
    • (Cable and Harbison exchange salutes)
    • Well, what’s it all about?
  10. Cable: My Colonel feels that all these islands are in danger because none of us has been getting first-hand intelligence, and what we need is a coast watch.
    Harbison: A coast watch?
    Cable: (Walking stage left)A man with a radio hiding our
    on one of those Jap-held islands, where he could watch for Jap ships when they
    start down the bottleneck…down this way.
    • (turning to Harbison)
    • What do you think Bill?
  11. Harbison: Well, sir, our pilots could do a hell of a lot to japanese convoys with the information like that.
    • You'd have to sneak this man ashore at night,
    • from a submarine.
  12. Cable; Yes sir.
    Harbison: Who’s going to do that?
    Cable: Well, sir. I’ve been elected.
    • (after exchanging a glance at Harbison)
    • You’ve got quite an assignment there, son.
  13. Harbison: How long do you think you could last there, sending out messages, before the Japs found you?
    Cable: I think I’d be okay if I could take a man with me who really knew the country. Headquarters has found our there’s a French civilian there who used to have a plantation on
    Marie Louise island.
    Harbison: Marie Louise! That’s a good spot. Right on the bottleneck.

    What’s the Frenchman’s name?
  14. Cable: Emile de Becque.
    • (suddenly excited)
    • Met me in my office in half an hour Cable.
  15. Cable: Yes sir.
    • Come on, Bill!
    • Maybe we’ll get into this war yet.
    • (They exit)
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