The Cardiovascular System

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  1. What is the normal volume of blood for
    1) a man
    2) a woman
    • 1) 5-6 Liters
    • 2) 4-5 Liters
  2. What is the average pH of human blood?
  3. What is the average temperature of blood
    38 degrees Celsius
  4. Why, in the case of blood, does one speak of formed elements rather than the cellular component?
    In the case of blood, formed element is a term referring to a struture that has a definite shape. The erythrocytes (red) and leukocytes (white) are formed elements. In addition, the platelets are considered formed elements because they are pieces of cytoplasm (each surrounded by a plasma membrane) rather than whole cells, we cannot refer to the cellular component of the blood if we include them.
  5. What percentage of the blood volume is Plasma?
  6. Name the 8 things that plasma is composed of
    • Water
    • Proteins
    • Vitamins
    • nutirents
    • waste
    • electrolytes
    • Hormones
    • Gases
  7. What percentage of the blood do formed elements comprise?
  8. Name three formed elements found in blood
    • Erythrocytes
    • Leucocytes
    • Thrombocytes
  9. Name the 5 types of leucocytes and give an example of when they would likely be more abundant.
    • Basophils- Hay fever suffer
    • Neutrophils- Sudden sore throat suffer
    • Eosinophils- infected with paracitic worms
    • Monocytes- Chronic wound suffer
    • Lymphocytes- Someone infected with flu
  10. What is hemostasis?
    The stopping of bleeding
  11. What three mechanisms ensure hemostasis?
    • Vascular constriction (spasm)
    • Platelet plug
    • Coagulation
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