Vascular Review

  1. The first major branch of the Aorta is?

    E) innominate
  2. Which of the following arteries does NOT arise from the subclavian?

    E. Superior Thyroid

    Superior Thyroid artery is usually 1st branch of ECA. Internal mammary aka internal thoracic artery.
  3. The angular artery is the terminal part of the:

    D. facial artery

    Facial artery terminates at the angular artery.
  4. The arterial pulsations felt in front of the ear and just above the zygomatic arch are from which artery?

    B. superficial temporal
  5. The CCA divides into its external and internal branches usually at the level of the upper border of the:

    C. thyroid cartilage

    ECA and ICA formed from CCA usually at level of upper border thyroid cartilage.
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