Minute to Win It

  1. Bite Me
    Five paper bags are opened up on the ground 4' apart. The bags are each cut down to different heights: 10", 8", 6", 4", 2". Contestants, using only their mouths, must put all five bags onto five podiums. No part of the contestant's body may touch the ground except for the feet. If it does, you must reset by standing up.
  2. Blind Ball
    The contestant must find toy balls (inflatable, 10" diameter) while blindfolded. After spinning around three times, the contestant attempts to find and grab two out of four toy balls that are positioned atop four cardboard cylinders of varying heights(two twice as tall as other two). Once the first one is found, they must hold onto it and find the second one. If they knock over more than one ball, the game is over. No crawling allowed.
  3. Bobble Head
    A pedometer is attached to the head and contestant must move their head to rack up a total 125 "steps" to complete the game.
  4. Bottoms Up
    The contestant must knock over cans with a yo-yo. A standard yo-yo will be tied to a belt and will hang behind the contestant like a tail. The contestant will then swing the "tail" around and attempt to knock eight empty soda cans off of eight pedestals to complete the game.
  5. Breakfast Scramble
    Contestant must assemble one 20-piece puzzle. Cereal box covers will be cut into 20 even pieces. The pieces will be in a single stack, and the contestant will have 60 seconds to assemble both box puzzles correctly to complete the game.
  6. Bucket Head
    Contestant is given a bucket containing ping-pong balls. Standing at a foul line five feet away from a wall, the contestant must bounce ping-pong balls from the floor to the wall and back into a two-quart bucket affixed to the head. Five balls must land inside the bucket to complete the game.
    Bounce & Squat
  7. Bulb Balance
    Contestant must pour salt from one packet onto the tops of three light bulbs that are screwed into unplugged lamps and then stand an egg vertically on each one of them.
  8. By a Thread
    Using only one hand, contestant must run a thread through the eye of 10 needles affixed to a stable surface. The eyes get smaller as you go along. You may lick or bend the string any way you like, but must use only one hand the whole time.
  9. Caddy Stack
    Contestant is given three golf balls. The balls must be stacked vertically and they must stay upright for three seconds without falling.
  10. Candy Elevator
    Contestant uses a mini-elevator consisting of two side-by-side pencils that are tied together with long kite threads at each end. From an elevated platform, contestant drapes a thread over each ear and has to raise the pencils with three M&M'S® Brand Chocolate Candies on it. Pulling on the threads, contestant must raise the elevator and get the candy in their mouth. Threads may not be held in the same hand or touched with anything but the hands.
  11. Cantagious
    Contestant must transfer two stacks of soda cans. In one hand the contestant will hold three full soda cans. In the other hand they will hold three empty soda cans. They will have to switch the stacks of cans without putting the cans down or using their body at any time.
  12. Card Ninja
    Contestant stands six feet away from three watermelon halves and has to throw and stick a playing card into each of the watermelons. Card must stay in watermelon for 3 seconds.
  13. Chocolate Unicorn
    Players stack 7 chocolate snack cakes on their forehead while standing and leaning back.
  14. Defying Gravity
    Contestants have to concurrently keep three balloons in the air. Balloons may not rest on the body, be held, or touch the ground.
  15. Dizzy Mummy
    Contestant holds one end of toilet paper roll, with the other end on a holder. The contestant must unwind a single roll of toilet paper by executing a series of 360 degree spins until all of the paper has been unwound. Fists must be closed at all times. If at any time the paper rips, the game is over.
  16. Don't Blow the Joker
    A standard deck of playing cards is balanced on the neck of a glass soda bottle. Contestant uses his/her mouth to blow the cards off the bottle, leaving only the bottom card balanced on the bottle. If the contestant blows the entire deck and all the cards fall, they must move on to the next station.
  17. Double Trouble
    Contestant must get two ping-pong balls to bounce from a table and into two glasses on a single throw. Glasses are 2.5" apart, and balls must bounce at least 2 feet away from glasses.
  18. Drop, Sink, & Clink
    Contestant must drop five quarters into five shot glasses that are at the bottoms of five water-filled fishbowls. Fishbowls are 3/4 full, shot glasses are in bottom center of bowls. Only one quarter may be held at a time, and they must be dropped from at least 36" from floor.
  19. Egg Roll
    Move eggs across the floor and into the target area by fanning the eggs with an empty pizza box(medium 14" size). Eggs are placed 15 ft from target area, which is 18"x18".
  20. Elephant March
    Knock over bottles with a baseball hanging from panty hose worn on the head. Bottles are set up in 2 rows, 8 feet apart from each other with a foul line in between. Their are 4 cans in each row, each 4 feet from each other. Feet must stay on opposite sides of the foul line.
  21. Extreme Hanky Panky
    Using a designated hand for each box, remove all tissues from 2 tissue boxes(160 count).
  22. Face the Cookie
    Using only the face, move Oreo cookies from the forehead to the mouth.
  23. Fish Head
    While blindfolded, move a lampshade hanging from a fishing rod onto the head. Shade starts on ground, and only one hand is used.
  24. Go the Distance
    Transport ping-pong balls across an extended tape measure so they rest in shot glasses at varying distances (5, 6, 7 feet). Once time starts, the tape measure is extended and only one hand may be used on tape. Balls must be transported one at a time, starting with the closest shot glass. Game ends when tape measure is retracted.
  25. Hangnails
    Hang 6 nails(3.5" flathead) concurrently on a taught string.
  26. Hangover
    Hang 6 wire hangers from a rod, from 1 to the other so that no hook rests in the corner of another hanger.
  27. High Roller
    Use a cup to vertically stack dice in towers of 3, 4 and 5.
  28. High Strung
    Use a string tied into a loop to pick up and transfer 1 egg from the top of 1 large soda bottle to the top of another large soda bottle. Bottles are 15 feet apart, string is 36" long, tied into a loop before game starts. Egg is placed on bottle after clock starts. Use both hands.
  29. How's It Hangin'
    Using a banana hanging on a string from the waist, player must guide 2 oranges into a hula hoop. Banana hangs 12" from floor. Oranges are on opposite sides of the hoop, 8 feet from the hoop. Hands may not touch anything.
  30. Johnny Applestack
    Stack 5 apples on top of each other.
  31. Junk in the Trunk
    Wiggle a box that is attached to your waist at the small of your back filled with 8 ping-pong balls until the box is empty.
  32. Ka-Broom
    Drop a broom onto a paper plate, catapulting a marshmallow into the air, then catch it in a cup. Plates hang halfway off the table, with the marshmallow centered on the portion of the plate resting on the table. Foul line is 7 feet from plates. You must catch 3 in the cup.
  33. Keep It Up
    Player must use only their breath to keep feathers in the air for 60 seconds.
  34. Keep the Change
    Using only 1 hand, knock a dollar bill out from under 5 quarters stacked atop the rim of a glass
  35. Knock It Off
    Player will swing a ball of yarn, attempting to knock over soda cans standing on the perimeter of a circle. Five stacks are created by placing an empty can on a full can. Stacks are placed in a circle around the player at varying heights.
  36. Loner
    Player must lie on their stomach and roll 1 marble at a time to knock over 1 standing pencil 15 feet away.
  37. Magic Carpet Ride
    Player must sit on a bathroom floor mat(fuzzy side down) and use an inchworm technique to move around 3 obstacles placed in a line in front of the player. Player must slalom through obstacles and back again.
  38. Matchmaker
    Pick up 1 of 18 plastic cups on a center table and place the small candy from under that cup into 1 of 3 glasses placed around the outer rim of the stage. Object is to get 6 of each colored candy into the 3 glasses. Glasses are placed in a circle around table 8 feet away.
  39. Mega Bubble
    Player must blow a bubble through a hoop 15' away.
  40. Mouth to Mouth
    Player must pull a dollar bill from between two bottles balanced mouth-to-mouth on top of each other, while leaving the bottles balanced atop each other.
  41. Movin' On Up
    Player must hold a stack of blue cups with 1 red cup at the bottom. Player must move cups 1 at a time from the top to the bottom of the stack, trying to cycle the red cup back to the bottom of the stack. Cups are held open side up. Player must alternate hands.
  42. Nervous Nelly
    Score a total of 500 clicks or more using 4 pedometers attached to the arms and legs. Put a pedometer on each elbow and on each knee.
  43. Nimble Thimble
    Player must bounce a marble into each of 6 thimbles (15mm).
  44. Noodling Around
    Pick up six penne noodles placed around the perimeter of a table using only a piece of uncooked spaghetti in your mouth. Player puts spaghetti in their mouth with hand after clock starts, but may not use hands after that.
  45. Nose Dive
    Player must transfer cotton balls, 1 at a time from 1 serving bowl to another using only petroleum jelly on the nose. Bowls are placed 12 feet from each other. Only one cotton ball may be transported at a time.
  46. Nutstacker
    Player must create 1 stack of 10 large metal nuts by sliding them off a chopstick. Game starts with 10 nuts placed on chopstick. One hand must remain completely out of play. Nuts and chopstick may only touch table during placement of first nut.
  47. Office Dominoes
    Player must create a domino path with reams of paper standing upright on their short sides. Player will then push the first ream into the second, setting off a chain reaction domino-style, so that the last ream falls onto a bell. Set up one ream of paper on its short side 10 feet away from bell. Player must then set up 10 reams of paper toward the bell. Only one ream may be carried at a time, and reams may not be tossed or slid.
  48. Paper Dragon
    Player must un-spool 2 rolls of party streamers using only their hands and arms. If a stream breaks, player may pick up loose end and continue. Player may not touch spool on ground.
  49. Paper Scraper
    Player must build a tower of index cards, with each level consisting of two pre-bent cards with a flat card on top. Player starts with 10 flat cards and 20 cards bent in half horizontally.
  50. Penny Hose
    Player must remove 1 penny from each leg of a pair of panty hose using only their hands. Pantyhose covering a player's forearm or hand may not come into contact with any other body part or object. If a penny hits the floor, the game is over.
  51. Ping Tac Toe
    Using only one hand, player must bounce ping-pong balls into a grid of glasses to get a 3 in a row. Player must alternate color of the ping-pong ball thrown after a ball lands in a glass.
  52. Puddle Jumper
    Blow a ping pong ball from one cup of water to another three times, from distances of 3", 6", and 9".
    Get your face right in there, and don't be afraid to get wet!
  53. Punch Your Lights Out
    Player must throw beanbags 1 at a time and underhanded to hit battery-operated push-lights hanging on a wall. Player will attempt to turn all the lights off. 6 lights are placed in a triangle pattern on wall 8 feet away.
  54. Raisin the Bar
    Flick a small box of raisins from under an overturned empty glass bottle without touching the bottle or causing it to fall over. Must be completed 3 times. Bottle must remain standing and stationary for 3 seconds.
  55. Rapid Fire
    Player must shoot rubber bands to knock a triangle stack of 6 cans completely off a platform 8 feet away.
  56. Separation Anxiety
    Player must separate a pile of 50 multicolored chocolate covered candies into 5 separate containers in a set color order. Start with candies under a cup, next to 5 color-coded containers. Player uses only one hand to separate candies and place in containers in order. Player may only pick one candy at a time. If a candy is put in the wrong container or placed out of order, the game is over.
  57. Shoe Fly Shoe
    Toss 1 shoe onto a table using only a foot. Set up 6 pairs of shoes 9 feet from the table. Shoe may hang over edge, but must stay on table for 3 seconds.
  58. Speed Eraser
    Player must bounce pencils into 7 glasses.
    Hold at bottom, focus eyes on cup, throw while tilting forward.
  59. Spin Doctor
    Stop 10 spinning dimes with finger, keeping the dime standing on its edge.
  60. Spoon Frog
    Bang down on a spoon to propel another spoon into a glass. Must be done 3 times. Spoons are placed with rounded end facing player.
    Handle of jumping spoon 2 inches from cup. Jumping spoon is slightly raised by other spoon during placement.
  61. Stack Attack
    Player must stack 36 plastic cups into a perfect triangle-shaped structure. Once that's completed, player must get the cups back into a single stack.
  62. Stick the Landing
    Player must toss a water bottle(1/3 full) onto a table 5 feet away and get it to land upright.
  63. Sticky Balls
    Player must roll marbles and stick 5 of them to a piece of double-sided tape laid across the end of the table. Marbles are rolled one at a time using one designated hand.
  64. Sticky Situation
    Bounce a ping-pong ball onto piece of bread covered in peanut butter 10 feet away. This must be completed with 3 different pieces of bread.
  65. Suck It Up
    Player must use only a flexible straw in his or her mouth to suck up chocolate covered candies and transport them 1 at a time to 4 other flexible straws standing vertically. The player must then deposit and balance 1 candy on each of the 4 standing flexible straws. When game starts, player picks up straw using only the mouth. Candies that fall off a straw are out of play. Candy must balance on vertical straws for 3 seconds.
  66. Supercoin
    Player must bounce and land 1 quarter off of a table and into the opening of a 5-gallon water jug 15' away.
  67. This Blows
    Player must continually blow up a balloon and expel the air from it to knock 15 cups off of a table. Player must stay on one side of the table.
  68. Tipsy
    Player must drink liquid out of 3 soda cans and balance all 3 concurrently on their beveled edge. Player must grab a new can if it falls on its side, off the table, or spills liquid while falling.
  69. Triple Pong Plop
    Player must get 3 ping-pong balls into a fish bowl by bouncing them off 3 plates, lined up in front of the fish bowl. Set up 3 11" plates in a straight line with their rims 1" from each other. Place the fishbowl 10" away from rim of third plate.
  70. Tweeze Me
    Player must use tweezers to maneuver a Tic Tac through a tennis racket and land it in a cup. Stand a racquet on its handle with a tennis ball resting on top. Place a glass 1/2" behind racquet. Neither tweezers nor body may touch racquet. Ball must stay in place.
  71. Wet Ball
    Player must propel a balloon into a 39-gallon garbage can 12 feet away using only a spray bottle.
  72. Whack Job
    Use a broom to knock a pie tin off a glass, allowing the egg that is sitting on a toilet paper roll on top of the tin to fall into the glass. Player steps on broom bristles and releases handle to knock off tin.
  73. What a Racquet
    Using a tennis racquet placed between the legs, the player must maneuver a gumball across the racquet and make it come to a stop in a single designated end zone on the racquet strings. Start at the 3rd center square from the bottom and end on the 11th center square from the bottom.
  74. Wheel of a Deal
    Player must separate 20 playing cards into 5 groups of identical cards, 1 at a time. Game is played just like Matchmaker.
  75. Whippersnapper
    Player must use a towel with the end furthest from the player affixed to the floor to whip a ping-pong ball into a laundry basket 15 feet away.
  76. Worm Diving
    Get a pretzel out of a fishbowl 6 feet away and into your mouth using a sticky gummy worm attached to the end of a fishing line. Tie the worm so it hangs 48" from end of rod.
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