1. Family, urbinization, sociological variables, cultures and geographic moves are all
  2. which theorist utilizes different stages by studying the person as a social being, using experimentation, objective observation, and self report methods
    psychoanalytic and neoanalytic
  3. Freud, Sullivan, and Erikson are stage theorists bc
    they emphasize that people develop in stages
  4. Kohlberg defines stages of moral reasoning. Development of moral judgement is stimulated whenever the person
    has opportunity to assume responsibility for the consequences of behavior
  5. maslow's highest level of need
    self actualization
  6. which major concept is descirbed in kohlbergs thoery of moral development
    a person's moral reasoning process and behavior develop through stages over varying lengths of time
  7. two measures commonly used to measure health
    morbidity and mortality
  8. which statement is most accurate regarding healthy ppl 2010
    presents specific areas for health improvement
  9. best definition of health in our world today
    state of well being which people use physical/emotional/menta/spiritual/social adaptive responses to cope with the environment around them
  10. ex of this level of px include wellness of health promotion measures, immunizations, and health education and safety programs
  11. the level of health px that is not disease specific
  12. a new mother with a 2 month old daughter. she's experiencing lack of sleep bc of night feedings and husbands work overtime family concern is
    caregiver strain
  13. helping pt overcome resistance to change is which stage of RN behavior
    working phase
  14. planning together how the pt will continue to interact and mange lifes patterns and stresses is which pase of nuses behav in the helping relationship
  15. RN knows that providing flu clinic for pt >65 yo is
    health promotion
  16. which statement is true regarding complementary and alternative therapies
    millions of americans and ppl throughout the owlrd use complimentary or alternative meds and theapies
  17. IN responsibilities to a pt using CAM
    give additionl info as needed about advers effects/contraindications and assist in the pt decision making
  18. why is the study of crisis theory essential for health care providers as they admin care to pt
    bc hcp care for ppl in crisis everdya
  19. adaptive capacity of a person compared with other ppl of similar age
    psycholigical stage
  20. clinic nuse working with mother and 3 yo child for routine checkup. nurse encourges mother to return for childes measles mumps rubella vaccine prior to entering school. this interventing is an ex of
    primary intervention
  21. public health intervetion model is focused on
    pt family and community
  22. what is the difference between second hand and third hand smoking
    second hand smoke refers to inhalation of smoke that ppl who smoke exhale into the air. third hand smoke refers to the effects on a fetus when a pregnant woman is around ppl who smoke
  23. danger associated with use of nitrates in food
  24. the clinic RN understands that children who come fro a well child check up at age 10 are in the process of developing
    personal values
  25. best way to px pollution
    take opportunity to teach pt about environment hazards and px when possible
  26. culture is
  27. what is not a characteristic of culture
    culture is instable bc it constantly chagnes
  28. hcp is caucasian with conservative value system pt is latino and doesnt speak english. pt refused life saving surgery. what would be the best approach for the care provider
    first step would be to arrange for an interpreter to help with the pt to understand the words of the sugeon
  29. average middle-class quiet introverted elderly pt. Rn should consider when working with this pt
    IN needs to be respectful and helful gibe info and listen to pt ?
  30. which characterisic doesn t descrive a healthy fam
    total control by one individual within the fam unit
  31. true of family unit
    famly may be a series of sepeerate but interrelated familes
  32. one or more nonbiological chilgred raised by a single adult or couple descrived an
    adoptive fam
  33. stage of fam life is related to the develppments tas of determining if and when a couple will have children
    establishment phaes
  34. stage of fam life extends through midlife elder yeard and occures when child leaves home
    disengagement contraction phase
  35. not a correct def of relgiion
  36. which statement is true regarding spritiautly
    in every human there seems to be a spiritual dimension
  37. RN's role when dealing with ppl from many different religions
    pt assessment, consulting with other prof during care, and educatior
  38. what behavior should be avoided as a HCP
    share personal experiences or beliefs freely
  39. viewing health and illenss on a continuum assists RN in understanding
    personas state of health is ever changing
  40. the nurse working in a comminuty health clinic teaches that dieseawe px is best achieved through
    behaiors that promote health
  41. what has home heatlh become a large practice area for RNs
    mroe criticfally ill pt being dc home from hspital
  42. nursing continures to recongmize the importance of collaboration with other health care disciplines to meet the compel xneeds of the pt. which of the follwing would be an ex of a collaorative practice
    nurse and physician discuss and jointly make clinical decisions
  43. htn clinic is an ex of what type of health care
  44. pt is being d/c folliwng total knee replacement will need to walk with crutches for 6 weeks what assessmet does the home care nurse need to make prior to the pt be d/c home
    home environment
  45. what type of pt seeks health care late incourse of illness and deteriorates more quickly
  46. nursing dx is defined as
    health problems hat are ameanable to resolutin by nursing actions
  47. RN is teaching insuling admin. one varialbe that influeneces pt readiness is
  48. which of the follwing behavoirs shows a newly dx diabetic pt willingness to learn
    pt request a visit from diabetic educatior
  49. health promotion dsucrrion with final year RN students an ex of health promotion is
    family planning clinic
  50. health promotion remains a contrmporary topic of discurrion in publications and by the medai. based upon current knowledge, which of the follwing is the most significant facot in health and longevity
    good nutrition
  51. excessive stress elvels are associated with infectious diesease. why
    stress decreases immunre response
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