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  1. Connective Tissue
    There are 3 types:

    tendons: attach muscle to bones

    ligaments: bone to bone

    Cartilage: cushion and support
  2. Anterior Shoulder Girdle Muscles
    Moves the shoulder and attach to the scapula. Push muscles

    Pec Minor, Serratus Anterior

    Scapula abduction
  3. Posterior Shoulder Girdle Muscles
    Move the shoulder and attach to the scapula. Pull motion

    Trapezius and Rhomboids. Scapula Adduction
  4. Shoulder Joint
    Do not attach to the scapula

    Pec Major, push exercises like

    Supine (Wide Grip) Bench Press
  5. Anterior Shoulder Joint
    Anterior Deltoid

    allows us to do shoulder flexion, shoulder anterior rotation and internal rotation

    exercise: front raise.
  6. Shoulder Joint: Latissimus Dorsi
    attaches to the humorous. pulling muscle

    exercise: wide grip lat pull down. narrow grip uses different muscle.
  7. Shoulder Joint
    Posterior Deltoid

    Opposite reaction to the anterior deltoid

    Performs shoulder extension also called horrizontal extension when arm is in horrizontal position.

    Prone (reverse) flye
  8. Shoulder Joint Muscles
    • Pectoralis Major
    • Latissimus Dorsi
    • Deltoid
  9. The Rotator Cuff (SITS)
    • Supraspinatus - Only muscle does not rotate the shoulder. Initiates Shoulder abduction
    • Infraspinatus
    • Teres Minor
    • Subscapularis

    • LIPS Rolling Shoulder Forward
    • "I" = Internal Rotation
    • Latissimus
    • Pec Major
    • Subscapularis

    EXIT external rotation of the shoulder

    • EX = External Rotation
    • Infraspinatus
    • Teres Minor
  10. Bicep Brachii
    • Supinated Bicep Curl
    • hands must be supinated
    • Pulling toward the shoulder

    also supinates the forearm
  11. Brachiradiallis
    • Hammer Curl
    • Hand must be in neutral

    also pronates and supinates the forearm
  12. Brachialis
    • Rerverse Curl
    • Hand must be pronated(palm down)
  13. Muscles that Flex the Elbow
    • Bicep Brachii
    • Brachioradialis
    • Flexor Carpi Radialis (forearm)
    • Flexor Carpi Ulrnaris(forearm)
  14. Muscles that extend the elbow
    • Triceps brachhii
    • extensor carpi radialis (longus and brevis, in forearm)
    • Extensor Carpi ulnaris(in forearm)
  15. Flexor Carpi Radialis
    Flexion and abduction of the wrist
  16. Flexor Carpi Ulnaris
    flexion and adduction of the wrist
  17. Tricep (3 attachments: long head, medial head and short head)
    elbow and shoulder extension

    (arm swung foreward is shoulder flexion)
  18. Hip Flexor: Illiopsoas (illiacus, psoas major & psoas minor) & Rectus femoris
    illiopsoas move the trunk when 1) femur is stabilized or 2.) the trunk is stablized. When moving trunk forward in standing position, movement is controlled by eccentric contraction of the hip/lower back muscles

    Exercise: Captain's Chair

    • When you swing your leg foreward it is hip flexion
    • backward it is hip extension

    • When you move your hips out it is adduction
    • in it is abduction
  19. Hip Extensors
    Gluteus Maximus and Hamstrings (bicep femoris, semintendous and semimembraneous)

    exercise: squat
  20. extension
    movement of a joint that brings two parts into or toward a straight line, thereby increasing the angle of the joint, such as straightening the elbow.
  21. Flexion
    Movement about a joint in which bones on either side of the joint are brought closer together, like bending the elbow.
  22. Hip Abductors
    Gluteus Medius & Minimus

    exercise: side lying hip abduction
  23. Hip Adductors
    Adductor magnus, adductor brevis and longis

    Side lying hip adduction (lying on your side. raise bottom leg up toward top leg)
  24. Rectus Femoris
    The only muscle of the quadricep muscles that cross the hip joint
  25. Quadricep Muscles
    • Rectus femoris
    • vastus intermedius (deep)
    • vastus medialis
    • vastus lateralis

    exercise: leg extension
  26. Muscles that extend the knee
    rectus femoris
  27. Muscles that flex the knee
    • bicep femoris
    • semitendinous
    • semimbranosus
    • gracillis
    • sartorius
    • gastrocnemius
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