Contributions of Primitave Man

  1. primitive influence
    • Funeral Svs is as old as the history of man, preceding such more recent developments as the treatement of disease, the formation of goverments & even the formation of definite religious beliefs.
    • Primitave man lived in a world of fear
  2. Prmitive man lived in a world of fear:
    • a. fear of the unknown
    • b. death of any man
    • c. spirits could control everything that happened
    • d. burial attempts were crude & were to protect the living from the spirits that caused the death
  3. Who attempted to protect the living:
    • Aryan tribes
    • Mongolians
    • Calatians
    • Balerians
    • Hebrews
    • Romans & Greeks
    • Orthodox Jews
    • Hindustanis
  4. Aryan Tribes
    burned their dead & placed the ashes in urns built in the shape of huts called "round burrows"
  5. Mongolians
    they would throw their dead to hordes of dogs the inhavited barren spots just outside their cities
  6. Calatians
    they practiced "Cannibalism"
  7. Balerians
    they chopped the flesh of their dead, preserved the meat & then ground the bones to be mixed with food and eaten
  8. Hebrews
    they believed anyone who touched a corpse was unclean for a certain period of time
  9. Romans & Greeks
    they buried their dead by night so as not to pollute the sunlight
  10. Orthodox Jews
    they would open windows to allow evil spirits to escape
  11. Hidustanis
    practiced "wife burning"
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