Plot and the Short Story

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  1. What is pyramid plot structure?
    the most basic and traditional from of plot is pyramid-shaped.

    Aristotle and Gustav Freytag describe it in more detail
  2. What is Aristotle's unified plot?
    the beginning, middle, and end structure to describe a story that moved along a linear path, following a chain of effect as it works toward the solution of a conflict or crisis.
  3. What is Freytag's plot structure?
    • Freytag added rising action and falling action to Aristotle's system. 
    • Freytag used the five-part design shown above to describe a story's plot.
  4. What is modified plot structure?
    Freytag's pyramid is often modified so that it extends slightly before and after the primary rising and falling action.  You might think of this part of the chart as similar to the warm up and cool down for the story.
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