1. What is the case of Jimmie G ?
    • Could not remember anything since his early 20's
    • Unable to form lasting memory
    • When talked about Navy he switched to Navy as Present tense
    • Could not look at a mirror and could not remember anything after Navy experience
  2. What is an amazingly intricate network of neurons ?
    The brain
  3. What is cells that receive and transmit electrochemical signals ?
  4. What is Neuroscience the scientific study of ?
    Nervous System
  5. What is Bio-psychology the scientific study of ?
    • Biology of Behavior
    • Looking at psychology from a biological perspective
  6. What are the Four Major Themes of the Book ?
    • Thinking Creatively about Biopsychology
    • Clinical Implications
    • The Evolutionary Perspective
    • Neuroplasticity
  7. Biopsychology is what ?
    • Empirical
    • Knowledge acquired through observation
  8. What are the two Biological Perspectives ?
    • Mind-Body Dualism
    • Monism
  9. What does the perspective Mind-Body Dualism concerned with ?
    • Rene Descartes
    • Mind = spiritual entity
    • Mind cannot be studied - too complex
  10. What does the perspective Monism concerned with ?
    • Mind and body are one
    • Mental events are a product of physical events
  11. Who is Luigi Galvani and what did he accomplish and support ?
    • Severed leg of frog - moved when electrical current was passed through it
    • Discovered electrical nature of nerve conduction
    • Support of monism
  12. What is the Localization Issue ?
    • Different parts of the brain conduct different parts
    • BAD - lead to Phenology (measure of bumps on head)
    • Patients included: Phineas Gage, Broca
  13. Who is the Canadian Psychologist who is the author of The Organization of Behavior and brought psychology to become important ?
    D.O. Hebb
  14. What did D.O. Hebb accomplish ?
    • Discredit notion that phrenology
    • Based theory on: humans, lab animals. case studies, observation of his own daily life
    • Depending on how you use your neurons is how they strengthen or weaken
  15. What is the study of structures of the nervous system ?
  16. What is the study of chemical basis of neural activity ?
  17. What is the study of interactions between the nervous system and his endocrine system ?
  18. What is the study of the nervous system disorders ?
  19. What is the study of the effects of drug on neural activity ?
  20. What is the study of functions and activities of the nervous system ?
  21. What are the three dimensions along Biopsychological Research ?
    • Subjects
    • Methods
    • Types of Research
  22. What are two examples of Subjects
    • Human
    • Nonhuman
  23. What are two examples of Methods ?
    • Experiments
    • Nonexperiments
  24. What are two types of Research ?
    • Pure
    • Applied
  25. What is conducted for the purpose of acquiring knowledge ?
  26. What is intended to bring about some direct benefit to humankind ?
  27. What are advantages to Human Subjects ?
    • Applied to humans
    • Ask subjective experience
    • Cheaper
    • Follow instructions
  28. What are advantages to Nonhuman Subjects ?
    • Fewer ethical restrictions
    • Simple brain
    • Brain-behavior interactions
    • Comparitive approach to other species
  29. What are different committees of animal care ?
    • Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC)
    • Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)
    • University Animal Care Committee (ACVS)
  30. What do the ethics in animal research provide ?
    • Human care & treatment
    • Minimize the pain & discomfort
  31. What involves the manipulation of variables ?
  32. What involves the researcher does not control the variables of interest ?
  33. What involves real life experiences and have conditions ?
    Quasi experiments
  34. What involves a person who has unique characteristics & is studied in depth ?
    Case Study
  35. What are two types of experimental techniques done in experiments ?
    • Between
    • Within
  36. What involves if different subjects are tested in each condition ?
  37. What involves if the same subjects are tested in each condition ?
  38. What variable is the difference between the conditions ?
    Independent variable
  39. What variable is the variable measured by researcher to determine if there is an effect of different conditions ?
    Dependent variable
  40. What is a Confound variable ?
    Unintended differences between conditions that can influence the dependent variable
  41. What do Confound variables effect ?
    Independent variable
  42. What is Psychophysicology ?
    • Studies relation between physiological activity & psychological process
    • Uses noninvasive procedures
  43. What is Physiological Psychology ?
    • Division that studies the neural mechanism of behavior
    • Uses direct manipulation of the brain in controlled experiments
    • Subjects are laboratory animals
    • Strong focus on pure research
  44. What is Psychopharmacology ?
    • Focuses on the manipulation of activity and behavior with drugs
    • Research is applied
  45. What is Neuropsychology ?
    • Studies the psychological effects of brain damage in human patients
    • Cannot be studied in humans by experimentation, uses Quasiexperiments
    • Focused on Cerebral cortex
  46. What is Comparative Psychology ?
    • Deals with biology of behavior
    • Compares different species
    • Uses laboratory and/or ethological research
    • Look at evolutionary psychology & behavioral genetics
  47. What is Cognitive Neuroscience
    • Newest division
    • Focuses on the neural bases of cognition
    • Employs human subjects
    • Key methods are functional brain imaging techn
    • Understand cognition in normal humans
  48. What is Converging Operations ?
    Look at a variety of different perspectives
  49. What is Korasakoff's Syndrome ?
    • Severe memory loss for recent events
    • Most common in alcoholics
    • Due to malnourishment & taking away Thiamine obsorption
  50. How do you treat Korasakoff's Syndrome ?
    • Stop drinking
    • Increase vitamin B to prevent further damage
  51. What did Jose Delagado do ?
    Claimed a charging bull could be tamed using stimulation of its Caudate Nuclease
  52. What is the Caudate Nuclease according to Delgado ?
    Area of the brain that is the calming center of the brain
  53. What is the Caudate Nuclease actually responsible for ?
    Motor movement
  54. What does Morgan's Canon refer to ?
    Always give precedent to the simplest interpretation for a behavior observation first
  55. What did Egas Moniz do ?
    • Developed Prefrontal Lobotomy = cutting connection between the prefrontal lobe and the rest of the brain
    • This was based on 1 study done on a chimp
  56. What is the long term effect of Prefrontal Lobotomy ?
    • Become amoral
    • Lack of foresight
    • Emotional unresponse
    • Epilepsy
    • Urinary incontinence
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