Elements of a short story

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  1. What is setting?
    the background or environment and context in which the situation is set; time, place, and circumstances that narrate the story.
  2. What is plot?
    Plot is the literary element that describes the structure of a story.  It show the casual arrangement of events and actions within a story.
  3. What are linear plots?
    • Chronological Order
    • Flashback
  4. What is media res?
    • (in the middle of things)
    • when the story starts in the middle of the action without exposition
  5. What are the components of plot?
    climax, rising action, falling action, exposition, and resolution
  6. What is climax?
    • the turning point, the most intense moment
    • either mentally or in action
  7. What is rising action?
    the series of conflicts and crises in the story leading to the climax
  8. What is falling action?
    all of the action which follows the climax
  9. What is exposition?
    • the start of the story, the explanation of the situation before the action starts
    • (setting and characterization)
  10. What is resolution?
    the conclusion, the tying together of all of the threads
  11. What is motivation?
    • the reasons why a character acts, feels, or thinks a certain way.
    • must be believable
    • can be direct
    • may be implied
  12. What is conflict?
    • dramatic struggle between two forces in a story.
    • Without conflict, there is not plot.
  13. What is characterization?
    the process by which the writer reveals the personality of a character
  14. How does an author reveal character?
    • tells us directly
    • description of appearance and actions
    • through the character's words, thoughts, and feelings.
    • The characters effect on others
  15. What is theme?
    the insight about human life that is revealed in a literary work; a main idea, underlying meaning or lesson the author wants to convey
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