oral anatomy

  1. fold of tissue that attaches the lip to the mucosa at the midline of the lips
    labial frenum
  2. Small, rounded, oblong mound of tissue directly behind or lingual to the maxillary central incisors and lying over the incisive foramen.
    incisive papilla
  3. small hanging fold of tissue in the back of the soft palate.
  4. bony growths on the lingual plate of bone below the mandibular canines.
    mandibular tori
  5. small depression at the midline of the upper lip
  6. fold of tissue that attaches the cheek to the mucosa in molar region
    buccal frenum
  7. red part of the lip where the lip mucosa meets the skin of the face
    vermillion zone
  8. small ridges of tissue extending laterally across the anterior of the hard palate
  9. space between the lips or cheeks and the teeth
  10. fold of tissue that attaches the undersurface of the tongue to the floor of the mouth
    lingual frenum
  11. large bony growth in the hard palate
    torus palatinus
  12. soft tissue lining the lips and cheeks
    alveolar mucosa
  13. pillow of tissue behind the mandibular third molars which serves to support a denture
    retromolar pad
  14. List three structures which must be considered in the design of a complete or partial denture
    • 1. retromolar pad
    • 2. incisive papilla
    • 3. mandibular tori
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